Patriot announces value Torqx TRB SSDs

Torqx SSDs
Torqx SSDs

Patriot has launched 'value' Torqx TRB solid state drives, insisting that its latest releases offer performance without breaking the bank.

The rise of the SSD has been held back somewhat by the drives' relatively high price-tag, but as they become more common the cost is coming down.

Now, Patriot is hoping that its latest offering can tempt people to move from traditional hard drives to SSDs.


"As solid-state drive technology advances, we are able to develop SSD solutions that provide the performance users want while reaching the affordable price points they demand," states Les Henry, Vice President of Engineering at Patriot.

"Patriot's objective is to offer the latest technology while providing the best performance and price options.

"Our Torqx TRB family of SSDs meet these goals. Users upgrading with a Torqx TRB SSD will benefit from improved transfer rates, quicker boot times and the reliability of solid-state storage in their boot drive option.

"Including a Torqx SSD in your desktop or notebook upgrade plans provides one of the best bang-for-the buck improvements you can make to your system."

The drives come in 32 and 64GB capacities offer speeds of up to 260MB/s Read and up to 115MB/s write.

For all the affordability talk – we haven't actually been supplied with any pricings or a UK release date, but we will update you when we find out.

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