AOC's speedy 28-inch 4K FreeSync monitor targets gamers and photo editors


AOC has revealed a new 28-inch monitor from its gaming range which supports AMD's FreeSync and has a 4K resolution.

The AOC U2879VF boasts a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 (with a refresh rate of 60Hz) and uses an 8-bit+FRC TN panel that promises decent colour accuracy for those who wish to use the display for the likes of photo or video editing.

And on the gaming front, FreeSync compatible adaptive-sync and the 1ms response time should keep things smooth when it comes to the frame rate, and help avoid those tearing effects which can be most off-putting particularly in really fast games like shooters.

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Connectivity and extras

In terms of connectivity, you get an HDMI 2.0 socket, along with DisplayPort 1.2a+, DVI and VGA ports.

Brightness is pegged at 300 cd/m2 and the AOC U2879VF has a dynamic contrast ratio of 80 million:1 with power consumption rated at 49W.

Other notable features include picture-by-picture functionality that allows the user to view two input sources at the same time, and still maintain a decent resolution on both images thanks to the monitor's 4K resolution.

AOC has also included flicker-free technology to make this display easier on the eyes, and it's not too damaging to the wallet either, with a retail price of £280 (around $405, AU$575). The U2879VF should be on shelves come March.

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