Cats (2019) is the best movie this year, and you can get it for just $12 on Prime Day

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Earlier this year, Cats (2019) was on everyone's mind, as it's the kind of masterpiece that gets everyone talking. It was also likely one of the last movies that many people saw in theaters before the world fell apart. Fortunately, it's Amazon Prime Day and that means we just got a sweet new price on the hard copy.  

And, if you somehow missed this movie when it was in theaters, or if you just want to relive the magic, you can take advantage of this Prime Day deal to get Cats (2019) on Blu-Ray for just $12.99

While some may argue that it's closer to a train wreck than the pinnacle of cinematic achievement it clearly is, Cats (2019) is at least a movie that will absolutely demand your attention for an hour and 50 minutes. With some of the most memorable special effects, paired with classic songs, it's definitely something you have to see to believe.

Cats (2019) Blu-Ray$16.99$12.99 at Amazon

Cats (2019) Blu-Ray: $16.99 $12.99 at Amazon
A few times in our lives, we are blessed with cinematic masterpieces like Tom Hooper's Cats (2019). And, if you missed this fantastic work of art in theaters, you can get the Blu-Ray for just $12.99 on Prime Day to experience the magic in your own home. 

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