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Canon will release four full-frame cameras in 2020, new rumors suggest

(Image credit: Future)

When we said it's going to be a rather busy year for Canon, we didn't quite expect it to be this busy. According to a new report from Canon Rumors, a reliable camera leaks and news publication, the Japanese manufacturer is set to deliver a grand total of four new full-frame shooters this year.

That number can, of course, change as Canon Rumors arrived at this figure by piecing together information from "a few different sources [...] mixed with a little bit of common-sense".

One of those, however, is a given, with the EOS 1D X Mark III pro-level sports DSLR already announced and will be on shelves in February. The others, according to Canon Rumors' roadmap, are full-frame mirrorless options.

Three is not a crowd

We've already heard plenty of rumors about Canon refreshing the EOS R range in 2020 with two more full-frame mirrorless snappers – the ultra-high res EOS Rs (that was all but confirmed by Canon execs last year) and the second iteration of the EOS R itself.

The EOS Rs (which is its unofficial name) is expected to be revealed during the CP+ photography and imaging show in February, while the EOS R Mark II is rumored to have a May 2020 launch date.

However, mystery still shrouds the EOS R Mark II camera. There are whispers of one Canon camera being a "sports/speed body, perhaps with a lower megapixel sensor" to give the Sony A7S range some competition, while there's also talk of an entry-level and cheaper version of the EOS RP that has been unofficially dubbed the EOS Rm.

Whether these are two separate cameras – and thus taking the total body count of full-frame mirrorless snappers to three – or it's just speculation with only one other shooter in the pipeline is anyone's guess, but offering a cheaper version of the EOS RP might prove to be a good move for Canon. It might force Canon to make more affordable glass for the R mount as well, thus giving users the option to expand their full-frame mirrorless kit without burning a hole in their pocket.

That said, it's only the start of 2020 and we'll just have to wait patiently to see what the camera maker has in store for us.