BT's latest broadband deals are excellent - £120 cash incentives and low prices

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If your internet plan has just come to an end and you've got your eyes set on BT, it's latest collection of broadband deals are brilliant, blending affordability with big cash incentives.

While BT isn't the cheapest provider around, its Fibre 1 plan has come way down in price to cost just £27.99 a month. At that price, you're getting  speeds averaging 50Mb.

On top of that, BT is throwing in an £80 Mastercard, adding to the already impressive value. If those speeds aren't fast enough, you can upgrade to BT's Fibre 2 for £31.99 a month.

With this upgraded package, you're getting speeds averaging 67Mb and an increase of the Mastercard value to £120. Whichever package better fits your needs, we've listed everything you need to know below.

BT's excellent fibre broadband deals:


BT Fibre 1 | 24 months | Avg. speed 50Mb | PAYG calls | FREE delivery | £27.99/pm + £80 Reward card
Of the two, this feels like BT's best value option. It doesn't cost anything upfront and on a monthly basis, you're paying just £27.99 a month. At that price, you're getting speeds averaging 50Mb and an £80 Mastercard. Speeds of 50Mb will be plenty for most large households or those needing faster speeds for gaming or working from home.


BT Fibre 2 | 24 months | Avg. speed 67Mb | PAYG calls | FREE delivery | £31.99/pm + £120 Reward card
If the above speeds aren't quite enough for what you need, this second package could be what you need. It costs an increased £31.99 a month while boosting your speeds to an average of 67Mb. That is a great increase for those in larger households. On top of the faster speeds, you're getting an £120 Mastercard.

What is a BT Reward Card?

The Reward Card that BT sends out is a pre-paid credit card that you can use anywhere that accepts Mastercard. In short, that's around a million shops, cafes, and restaurants around the world, so it shouldn't be difficult to find places to spend it.

It's an old-fashioned chip and pin card, rather than contactless. But do make sure that you claim your Reward Card within three months of installation, otherwise you'll lose out on all that cash.

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