Blu-ray prices unlikely to drop soon, says BDA

Blu-ray = expensive
Blu-ray = expensive

The Blu-ray Disc Association has delivered some depressing news about the high-definition format this week, saying that Blu-ray is unlikely to see a significant price drop any time soon.

And the reason for the lack of discount? Well, us apparently, for not snapping up enough Blu movies.

"There's not enough market [volume] to lower the price. Prices will go down but, what people overlook is that you need a marketplace first before you start cutting prices," said BDA Chairman, Andy Parsons.

"If there's not enough awareness about [the technology] then low prices are besides the point."

Not enough awareness? Surely, that's the whole point of the BDA, but there you go.

Format blow

We spoke to Alastair Upham, editor of DVD & Blu-ray Review about Parsons' comments: "This is a real blow for the format. Although retailers are strategically pricing discs to fire up the hi-def market, should players remain at a premium this is yet another hurdle for Blu-ray take-up in the UK," said Upham.

"DVD evolved successfully because within two years you could find players at very competitive prices in a huge number of retailers. If Blu-ray is to enjoy even a fraction of success there must be a drive to bring prices down."

It's certainly a crucial period for Blu-ray, what with Christmas just around the corner, and the fact that the PS3 is unlikely to drop in price. Sony will be hoping that consumers still have deep pockets. But with an impending credit crunch, the company is likely to be in for a shock.

Marc Chacksfield

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