Blu-ray or HD DVD? Dixons customers unsure

People still seem confused about the benefits of Blu-ray vs HD DVD, a survey has shown

Despite the Blu-ray camp all but winning the high-definition format war, a surprisingly high number of customers still prefer the HD DVD format.

In an online vote on the Dixons website, 53 per cent of Dixons customers plumped for Blu-ray, while 47 per cent chose HD DVD.

"The results, far from being decisive, showed that it is still all to play for out there," said Devere Forster, director of e-commerce at

"While the big boys are fighting it out for supremacy, our customers are very much straight down the middle and whichever way it goes half of them will be disappointed."

Different benefits

Forster reckons that people are still confused about the rival high-definition formats and don't see either Blu-ray or HD DVD as 'must-have' technologies for the home. Yet.

"Customers are confused about the benefits of one format over the other and which films they will be able to view as the different studios choose to go exclusively with one format or the other. They want to know which way the market is going to go so that they do not waste their money by investing in the wrong format. For the sake of our customers we hope the decision will come soon."

However, it looks like the market has already swung decisively. Since Warner Bros decided to dump HD DVD in favour of Blu-ray, the future for HD DVD looks bleak.