Best Oculus Go games and apps: the best experiences for your standalone VR headset

It may not be connected to a high-end PC, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an impressive array of Oculus Go apps ready to blow your mind on the new wireless VR headset.

Facebook and Oculus’s attempt to take virtual reality truly mainstream, the Oculus Go headset is a superb all-in-one device intended to draw in newcomers and VR veterans alike. With its own built in screen and motion trackers, you simply charge it up, pull it over your head and step into whatever VR creations app developers have conjured up. It’s this commitment to simplicity that makes it already one of the easiest VR headsets to recommend.

But what of the experiences themselves? Which are worth your time? Here are our top picks for the best Oculus Go apps so far.

Oculus Rooms

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Probably the most ambitious of the first-party Oculus Go apps, Oculus Rooms is a customizable, shared social space for VR. Think of it like your virtual reality lounge – you’ll be able to watch 3D movies on a giant screen, invite the avatars of your friends over, and play games like pairs and chess at a table in the corner. You’ll be able to share photos and media too, letting your pals step into your latest 360-degree videos, all while chatting away over the Oculus Go’s built-in mic.


Ever wished you could be side of stage at the most exclusive concerts of all time? Or that you could relive one of your favourite gigs from a the best seats in the house? Enter Melody VR. This music app sells shows from artists as varied classic rockers Kiss to Wiz Khalifa, letting you view the show in 360-degrees, from multiple “jump-spots” around the venue, including onstage itself. While the app is free, some performances do cost an extra premium, however.

Coaster Combat

If you’ve got a stomach for thrill-seeking, and think roller coasters could do with a little more firepower, make sure to grab Coaster Combat for the Oculus Go. It’s an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master action game that’s fun for all ages, seeing you hurtle along themed rollercoaster tracks, shooting mast-moving targets along the way. Think the Donkey Kong mine cart levels, except you’re sitting in the cart, with a gun instead of a banana.

Netflix VR

You know what Netflix is right? No? OK, well as a very brief intro, it’s a subscription movie and TV services that instantly streams some top shows and movies to a device of your choice – intuitive on-demand TV. But even if you’re one of the many millions of users already glued to Netflix on your television screens, you’ve probably not experienced it quite like how it’s presented in VR. From the comfort of a glitzy VR living room, you can fire up the entire Netflix catalogue on a huge screen. No distractions, no one chatting over the top of your favorite show – just you, your Netflix and your chill.

Republique VR

Hardcore gamers will get a kick out of Republique VR – developed by some of the minds behind Metal Gear Solid, Halo and F.E.A.R, it’s a smart stealth action game with a VR twist. Set in a dystopian future, you’ll act as an omniscient puppet master over the top of the game world, directing sneaky characters around using the Oculus Go motion remote. It’s one of the deeper games available for the system, and a good showcase for how third-person titles can work in VR.

Disney Movies VR

This one’s a great showcase for VR if you’re looking to impress the younger members of your household, opening up the worlds of Disney, Star Wars and (soon to launch) Marvel’s Avenger characters in virtual reality. As detailed 360-degree video content, they’re perfect for easing VR newcomers into immersive digital worlds. And, like, who hasn’t wanted to sit in the cockpit of an X-Wing starfighter?

Catan VR

Don't yet know your wood from your sheep? You can now learn what that means with Catan VR. The latest sales figures for the board game Settlers of Catan are over 22 million, so it makes sense this game is being adapted so you can play it on virtual reality headsets. Here you're able to face off in VR against players from around the world in a fully immersive experience. Don't expect this to be a first-person farming experience though; it's much more like playing the normal board game but in a virtual reality room so you can play it online with friends or total strangers.

Anshar Online

What’s a virtual reality headset without a multiplayer space combat shooter? Not worth having, that’s what. Anshar Online fits the bill nicely for the Oculus Go, offering customizable ships, loot drops, special abilities and a sweet cross-platform feature that makes hooking up with friends on Oculus Rift and Gear VR easy too.

Pet Lab

Let your imagination take over with Pet Lab, which lets you customize a magical creature to call your own in VR. Together you’ll take on challenges and puzzles and conduct madcap experiments to keep your fantasy pet shop the must-visit destination in the kingdom. Colorful and approachable, it’s a good jumping on point for kids.

They Suspect Nothing

Designed with the Oculus Go in mind from the start, They Suspect Nothing is a real treat on the mobile headset. A bubbly collection of minigames following a gang of cheeky robots, it’s rib-tickling fun, is great in short bursts and makes good use of the the remote pointer for puzzle solving and faster action sequences.

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