Battlegrounds Mobile India to have Erangel and Karakin maps too

Battlegrounds Mobile India Karakin promo
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It seems like PUBG Mobile is finally about to make a comeback in India in a reenvisioned form called Battlegrounds Mobile India. PUBG Mobile was banned in India last September. following which South Korean company Karfton which took over the publishing job in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is all set for launch, and it is currently available on pre-registration in India. And the Google Play Store page shows that we will be getting the Karakin and Erangel maps as well.

According to our previous report, a promo on the Battlegrounds Mobile India social media handles showed a location called Ban Tai from the PUBG Mobile map Sanhok. This was the first small map to be introduced in the game and has extensive jungles and is a cluster of three islands.

And now that the Google Play Store page is live, it shows what definitely looks like the Erangel and Karakin map from PUBG Mobile. These maps are easily distinguishable with the glider which is only available in PUBG Mobile's Erangel map. Karakin can be recognised by the arid landscape and the rounded bunker style buildings on top of the hills in one of the images. 

In our previous report, we spoke about guesses that the game could release in June. The new theory comes from the teaser of Battlegrounds Mobile India which shows a level 3 helmet with a ring of light around it. This image is reminiscent of a solar eclipse with the moon blocking the sun and forming what is known as a diamond ring. The level three helmet here is playing the object blocking the source of light.

People are now assuming that this image could be a reference to the release date of the game which could be on June 10 which is the date of the Annular Solar Eclipse. But we have to mention that there is no proof or indication from the officials or the game being officially registered for us to expect a launch in this window. For what it's worth, silhouettes are a very common part of teaser campaigns.

With the pre-registration of the game already live, and considering Krafton has gone on to revamp its social media presence as well, it could very well be on its way to release the game soon. Hence a June 10 launch of the game does not seem too unrealistic.


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