Battlefield 6 trailer might have been revealed using leaked screenshots

Battlefield 6
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The long-awaited Battlefield 6 trailer may have been revealed, though not in the traditional sense. 

The next Battlefield game, which is widely referred to as Battlefield 6 (now confirmed to be Battlefield 2042) at this stage, hasn't been officially unveiled by EA yet, but an album posted on Imgur has arranged a ton of new screengrabs to show what is supposedly the game's reveal trailer in action. 

Black bars and a rage-comic meme face is plastered over every shot, presumably to cover up a watermark, but it still gives us a good look at the game's setting.

These Battlefield 6 images show various explosions and frenetic island combat, reaffirming the prior leaks for the trailer. While these blurry, watermarked images aren't the same as seeing an exciting DICE trailer and hearing the iconic Battlefield theme blaring out, it should help stave off eager fans that are hungry for more for a little while longer.

There's also a TikTok video that includes two clips of note, pieced together alongside footage from other Battlefield games. The first appears near the start, and shows a HUD that resembles what we saw in the initial Battlefield 6 leak, while the second clip to focus on is one that shows the perspective of one of the widely tipped robot dogs.

When is Battlefield 6 being shown?

To say that Battlefield fans are eager to see the new Battlefield would be the understatement of year. Back in April, the developers at DICE indicated the game was being shown soon. Now, it appears that the reveal has been pushed to sometime in June, at least going off of a message on Twitter from the official Battlefield account. 

This June reveal would take place before a (presumable) further deep dive at EA Play Live 2021, which is set for July 22. 

In addition to the main development team at DICE, several other EA studios are contributing support to Battlefield 6, including the Need for Speed developers at Criterion. As a result, the next Need for Speed game will be arriving in 2022, with EA's acquisition of Codemasters allowing for a different racing game this year, F1 2021.

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