Today's deal: 55% off USB desktop speakers

Qsb 30W speakers
The Qsb offers brilliant build, performance and usability

Today, we're bringing you the chance to snap up a set of Qsb 30W USB desktop speakers for just £49 instead of £109.99, saving yourself 55%

The Qsb is the ideal Hi-Fi travel/desktop companion, yet it delivers a big, room-filling sound from its beautifully compact piano-black cabinets.

With some brilliant acoustic engineering designed in the UK, the standalone Qsb Hi-Fi System works just from the USB port of your laptop, needing no external power to work.

A gorgeous piece of craftsmanship with metal-mesh grills provides a solid housing for the driver, while the sound from these little cubes (8.5 x 8.5 x 8.5cm) is engineered to enhance bass delivery.

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