Best iPod and iPhone speaker dock: 24 tested

Best iPod and iPhone speaker dock
We tested all these docks so you don't have to

Close your eyes and imagine, for a moment, that you've popped to town on a sunny afternoon to buy yourself a speaker dock for your iPhone or iPod. Easy, right?

Well it is until you get to the shops and are confronted by row upon row of the things. All shapes and sizes, from cheap and cheerful to those costing hundreds of pounds. Even if the store attendants encourage you to have a listen to each in turn, a noisy shop floor is hardly a good environment to make an informed choice about which sounds best.

So we had ourselves an early Christmas and collected together dozens of iPod and iPhone docks, put them through their paces and picked out 24 to tell you about.

And by put them through their paces, we mean repeated side-by-side tests - to the point that we're sick of hearing some of our favourite songs!

To make the tests as fair as possible, we switched off our iPod's EQ, although where the docks had built-in EQs, we had a play with these to see if you could boost the sound this way. None will set you back more than £150, and to help you choose, we've divided them into three categories based on price.

As always with our group tests, though, just because something isn't the winner doesn't mean you shouldn't consider it. Some offer extra features you may want, others may represent fantastic value for money. So have a think about the kind of place you want to use your dock now: By your bedside? In the kitchen? In your children's rooms? As a sound system for your TV? Bear this use in mind as you read on.

As with all things in life, you get what you pay for with speaker docks. But don't forget that the sound isn't the only factor here: some of these docks include LCDs, can be connected wirelessly using Bluetooth, have alarm clocks and other fancy features that have to be paid for, and this may come at the expense of good sound.

What we tested...

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Up to £60:

01. Altec Lansing InMotion Compact iMT320 - £37

Altec lansing inmotion compact imt320

02. Altec Lansing Octiv 102 - £29

Altec lansing octiv 102

03. Gear4 Explorer-SP - £45

Gear4 explorer-sp

04. Gear4 HouseParty SmartDock - £50

Gear4 houseparty smartdock

05. iLuv App Station iMM190 - £25

iLuv app station imm190

06. iLuv Vibe Plus iMM178DAB -£55

iLuv vibe plus imm178dab

07. Logic3 i-Station 26 - £55

Logic3 i-station 26

08. Philips Fidelio DS3020 - £50

Philips fidelio ds3020


09. KitSound Boom Dock - £87

KitSound boom dock

10. Klipsch iGroove HG - £67

Klipsch igroove hg

11. Klipsch iGroove SXT - £70

Klipsch igroove sxt

12. Logic3 i-Station SoundBar - £99

Logic3 i-station soundbar

13. Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 - £75

Logitech pure-fi anywhere 2

14. Logitech S715i - £99

Logitech s715i

15. Sony RDP-M15iP - £90

Sony rdp-m15ip

16. ViewQuest Retro Radio - £87

ViewQuest retro radio


17. Altec Lansing Octiv 650 - £129

Altec lansing octiv 650

18. Gear4 HouseParty AirWave - £109

Gear4 houseparty airwave

19. JVC UX-SG5B - £150

JVC ux-sg5b

20. Lenco iPT-2 - £150

Lenco ipt-2

21. Panasonic SC-HC05 - £150

Panasonic sc-hc05

22. Sony RDP-X60iP - £120

Sony rdp-x60ip

23. Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge - £150

Soundfreaq sound step recharge

24. TEAC Mini Aurb SR80iDAB - £140

TEAC mini aurb sr80idab