Amazon Warehouse quietly launches in Australia – here’s how to save money on it

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It’s finally been confirmed that Amazon Prime Day will arrive this month, but until June 21 rolls around, we’ve also uncovered another way you can score great deals from the retail giant on a regular basis.

It appears that Amazon Warehouse has just quietly launched in Australia. If this is the first time you’re hearing of it, Amazon Warehouse is a section of the site where the retailer offers discounts on “quality used, pre-owned, or open box products,” according to the FAQ section.

Every item available through Amazon Warehouse comes with a short description of the product’s condition, so you can know what you’re buying before making the purchase. Items will be listed as either “like new,” “very good,” “good” or “acceptable”. 

The quality of each item can range from minor flaws such as missing manuals and damaged packaging, to small nicks and larger – but still working order – cosmetic damage. And there’s big savings to be had on these products.

Amazon’s FAQ section also states that all products sold through Amazon Warehouse are covered by Amazon’s returns policy, so you’re able to return any item if you’re unhappy when it arrives.

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How to search Amazon Warehouse

This section of the site is already available in the UK and the US, and you’ll be able to find savings on items such as headphones, laptops, smartphones, kitchen gadgets and more.

There doesn’t seem to be a dedicated section on site for these deals yet, so to see what’s available, go to the search bar and click the drop down menu to find “Amazon Warehouse”. From there, search for an item and see what’s available – you’ll need to click “new and used” to see the options.

Note that because the discounted products are pre-owned or open boxed, they’re in limited supply, and sometimes just one item may be available. 

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