Ahead of Battlefield 6, Prime Gaming is offering Battlefield 4 for free

Battlefield 4
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EA is set to officially reveal Battlefield 6 (now confirmed to be Battlefield 2042) on June 9, with the next entry in the Battlefield series expected to launch in late 2021. But if you want a Battlefield title to fill the void until then, or simply want a refresher, then you'll be pleased to know that Amazon Prime members can pick up Battlefield 4 for free right now.

From June 1 to June 20, Prime Gaming is offering Battlefield 4 on PC to Prime members for free, allowing you to jump into Battlefield action ahead of Battlefield 6's release later this year. 

Prime members can claim one game code, redeemable on Origin, for Battlefield 4's standard edition. You can claim your code here , but it can only be redeemed on Origin so you'll need to create an EA account if you haven't already got one. To redeem the code, simply go to the Origin menu, once you're logged in, and select 'redeem product code'. 

Originally released in 2013, Battlefield 4 sees players fighting as a member of the U.S. Marines during the fictional “War of 2020.”

It's worth picking up Battlefield 4 if you haven't played a Battlefield game before and want to get to grips with gameplay before the new release - or you just want to grab Battlefield 4 on PC for free.

Rumors suggest the new Battlefield will have a "modern-day setting" rather than the futuristic setting of Battlefield 4, with players utilizing a dog robot and having access to "wacky cosmetics." It's not long until we find out if these rumors are true, as EA has confirmed that the Battlefield 6 reveal will take place on June 9.

Prime yourself

Prime Gaming

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It's worth checking out Prime Gaming's other offers, too. Right now, you can pick up in-game loot for the likes of Fall Guys, Valorant, League of Legends and more.

Previously known as Twitch Prime, Prime Gaming is a service that’s a part of your Amazon Prime account, meaning you can try it out at no extra cost to your monthly subscription fee. Prime Gaming offers one monthly Twitch subscription to a streamer of your choice, as well as a monthly roundup of free games and exclusive in-game loot.

Prime Gaming is definitely worth checking out if you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber. But if you’re not one already, and you’re keen to try it out, look to the links below to access a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime alongside monthly and yearly subscription costs. 

It's also worth noting that Prime Day 2021 is taking place on June 21 / 22, and a Prime membership will give you access to all the upcoming deals during this period. 

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