A gaming chair that keeps your butt cool? I'm a fan already

A FANTASYLAB gaming chair covered in cartoon ice cubes
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Ah, gaming chairs. Expensive, often ugly, but at least usually functional - if you pick up one with good lumbar and neck support, your spine will thank you. But if you pick up this one - the Fantasylab 'Big and Tall' - your bum will thank you too. Why? Because it's got a set of four USB-powered fans built into the seat, to keep your rump warm even during the sweatiest online games.

Why do you need this? That's the neat part: you don't! Nobody does, in fact, and we're not even sure this product is real; the Amazon listing is packed with errors and the photos of the butt fans are quite clearly edited. But this is a strangely captivating offer nonetheless, leaving me with no end of questions - does it really work? Is the chair good in general? Does it really feature 'explosion-proof' springs as per the product description?

The deals for Prime Day are still going strong, so if you're angling to pick up a good gaming chair, there are plenty to choose from - just watch out for the numerous knock-off brands circulating on Amazon right now. It's best to pick a brand you're familiar with, or at least do some quick research before you buy!

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Fantasylab Big and Tall: $325 $260 at AmazonSave $65 -

Fantasylab Big and Tall: $325 $260 at Amazon
Save $65 - Okay, we're not seriously recommending this one, but come on - we couldn't ignore it. This 'Copmputer Game Chair' (yup, that's from the Amazon listing) packs 'explosion-proof gas springs' (what!?) and four USB-powered fans that nestle underneath your backside. What could go wrong?

Setting aside the fact that Fantasylab is quite clearly a rival offering to Secretlab (with a logo that's, uh, inspired by Acer's Predator range), this Amazon listing is just a wild ride. The seat fans are apparently intended to 'reduce sultry heat', whatever that means. It's not really clear how they work, either. Do they have to be plugged in at all times, or is there a battery pack somewhere in the chair?

The product description also explicitly warns against connecting the USB cable to any power source in excess of 10V, presumably because that could make the chair explode and destroy your coccyx entirely. There's apparently a vibrating lower back cushion too, but I had to reach the reviews section to learn that.

The reviews don't shed any more light on the situation, honestly. The Big and Tall lives up to its name with a 400lbs weight limit - more than most gaming chairs - so there are some 5-star reviews from heavier buyers praising Fantasylab, but many customers complained of poor build quality and virtually nobody has mentioned the butt fans. Are they real? I must know. I must.

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