7 new movies and TV shows on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max and more this weekend (April 28)

Poster for Citadel on Prime Video
Citadel is the latest big-budget Prime Video original series to be released. (Image credit: Prime Video)

It’s espionage season on streamers this month. With Ghosted and The Diplomat having already landed on Apple TV Plus and Netflix, respectively, Prime Video takes up the mantle this weekend with glitzy new spy thriller Citadel

Also now available to stream is Disney’s latest live-action reboot, Peter Pan & Wendy, while HBO Max gets yet another star-studded murdery mystery in the form of David E. Kelley's Love & Death.

Below, we’ve rounded up seven new movies and TV shows to catch on streaming services over the next few days. 

Citadel (Prime Video)

Beloved Marvel movie directors Joe and Anthony and Russo turn their attention to television this weekend with Citadel on Prime Video.

Intended to be the first of many interconnected series, this six-episode spy thriller – which reportedly cost Prime Video $250m – stars Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas as a pair of independent agents tasked with bringing down an Illuminati-esque crime syndicate known as the Manticore. Stanley Tucci and Lesley Manville also star. 

Suffice to say, Citadel has enjoyed mixed reviews from critics so far. We described the show as “a vanilla-lite clone of what’s come before,” while others have praised the Russos’ latest adventure for being “absurdly fun” and “televisual crack.” Perhaps, then, it could be one of the best Prime Video shows of 2023, after all? For some, perhaps.

Now available to stream on Prime Video. 

Peter Pan & Wendy (Disney Plus) 

Disney’s commitment to rehashing every one of its beloved animated classics continues in earnest this weekend with Peter Pan & Wendy on Disney Plus

Helmed by The Green Knight director David Lowery – who we interviewed back in 2021 – this straight-to-streaming movie treads J.M. Barrie's familiar story beats while shedding refreshing new light on characters including Captain Hook (played here by Jude Law) and Peter Pan (Alexander Molony).  

Rather like Citadel, Peter Pan & Wendy has divided critics, with some calling it “passable but unnecessary” and others “the most beautiful, moving children’s film of the year.” Our advice? Check this one out for yourself, especially given the quality of the director's work – it might just be one of the best Disney Plus movies.

Now available to stream on Disney Plus.

Love & Death (HBO Max) 

Elizabeth Olson swaps the MCU for 1980s Texas in HBO’s latest murder-mystery thriller, Love & Death.

Now streaming on HBO Max, this seven-episode miniseries adapts the true-crime story of Candy Montgomery (Olsen); the churchgoing housewife who was arrested and tried for the brutal murder of Betty Gore (Lily Rabe), the wife of the man (Jesse Plemons) she was having an affair with. Expect it to join our best HBO Max shows shortly.

The first three episodes of Love & Death are now available to stream in the US, with the remaining four entries set to arrive weekly every Thursday through May 25. The series will air on ITVX in the UK later this year. 

Now available to stream on HBO Max.

Sweet Tooth season 2 (Netflix) 

Sweet Tooth proved an unexpectedly brilliant new Netflix series on release in 2021, and Jim Mickle’s post-apocalyptic adventure returns for a highly-anticipated second run this weekend. 

Once again led by Christian Convery’s Gus, Sweet Tooth season 2 finds its deer-like hero tasked with uncovering the origins of the Great Crumble, an event which saw 98% of the world’s population wiped out by a mysterious virus. 

Critics have been quick to stress that, despite the darker undertones of its follow-up season, Sweet Tooth remains a family-friendly affair – though many have also described Sweet Tooth season 2 as “a joy for all ages”. One that'll rejoin our best Netflix shows guide soon.

Now available to stream on Netflix. 

Fatal Attraction (Paramount Plus)  

Last weekend saw Prime Video adapt David Cronenberg's 1988 film Dead Ringers into a star-studded series fit for the 21st century, and Paramount Plus will be hoping to repeat the trick with its own adaptation of Adrian Lyne's 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction

Starring Joshua Jackson, Amanda Peet and Lizzy Caplan, this eight-episode drama charts the fallout of an affair between a married man and an obsessive (read: murderous) woman. According to the show’s synopsis, Fatal Attraction is a "deep-dive reimagining" of Lyne's 1987 original film, so expect a handful of narrative changes. 

The series’ first three episodes are now available to stream on Paramount Plus in the UK and US, with its remaining five entries set to arrive weekly every Sunday through May 25 (the final two episodes will arrive as a pair). 

Now available to stream on Paramount Plus. 

Saint X (Hulu) 

Hulu’s TV library has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and Disney’s subsidiary streamer looks set to grow its stock even further with new drama series Saint X.

Adapted from Alexis Schaitkin's novel of the same name, this eight-part series switches between multiple timelines to recount the mysterious death of an American college student – and to document how the event creates a traumatic ripple effect for her now-adult sister.

Alycia Debnam-Carey, West Duchovny, Josh Bonzie, Betsy Brandt, Michael Park and Bre Francis all star in Saint X, which critics have called “hypnotic” and “chilling.” UK viewers will find this one streaming on Disney Plus. 

Now available to stream on Hulu in the US and Disney Plus in the UK.

Frog and Toad (Apple TV Plus) 

Here’s one to enjoy with the kids this weekend. Arriving only a few months after Apple’s Oscar-winning children’s book adaptation The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, another page-to-screen series, Frog and Toad, is now streaming on Apple TV Plus.

Starring the voices of Nat Faxon and Kevin Michael Richardson, this eight-episode children’s show follows the adventures of its titular anthropomorphic animals, Frog and Toad, who found fame in Arnold Lobel’s mega-popular book series. 

Now available to stream on Apple TV Plus. 

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