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Targus Defcon CL cable lock review

Lock up your notebook

The Defcon CL is a number combination lock

Our Verdict

A well-designed lock that should put off all but the most determined thief


  • Tough cable
  • Well-engineered combination lock


  • Cable could be longer

Look on the side of your notebook and, next to the various connection ports, you'll see an oval-shaped security slot that you may have been wondering about. Well, into that slot you can fit a cable like this one from Targus. It's a hole for clipping a lock and physically securing your machine to something hard to shift.

The Defcon CL is a cable of twined metal with a combination number lock at one end and a loop at the other. In the box is a metal bracket that fits to the underside of your desk.

There's also a loop so you can secure the lock around an object such as your desk leg. With the lock attached, someone is going have a hard job nabbing your machine without cutting the cable or effectively destroying the notebook. This should put off all but the most determined thief.

Targus has a good name for producing security devices like this one. The cable is about as tough as you would ever want or need, and the combination lock, the part you rely on, is certainly well engineered. James Ellerbeck