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Sony just resolved the PS5 trademark dispute in India

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It seems like Sony has managed to resolve the PS5 trademark issue in India. Sony’s release of the PS5 in India hit a roadblock sometime back when it was discovered that the PS5 trademark was in an ‘Opposed’ state.

Hitesh Aswani of Delhi back on October 29, 2019 had filed for the trademark on the PS5 name. Hence when Sony filed for the same in India on February 6, 2020 the conflict arose.

Sony PS5 trademark issue resolved

But now, according to a report by Detective Gaming, the issue has been resolved as Aswani has apparently withdrawn his application for the PS5 trademark. The application was withdrawn on October 26 after Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc opposed it. 

And the new order now reads, “Proceedings have been taken under Section 21 of the Trade Mark Act, 1999, by the above-mentioned opponent (Sony) to oppose the registration of trademark applied for by the above-named applicant (Hitesh Aswani) and whereas the applicant have withdrawn the application vide their letter dated 12/10/2020.”

(Image credit: Detective Gaming)

This brings hope that Sony may indeed line up the India launch of the PS5 on November 19 which is the global one as well. Despite the global announcement, the India division of the company kept quiet about the same for India. 

The company had listed that the PS5 will be released in India on November 19 on its website. The page has now been removed. Sony has apparently not informed the retailers on when they may receive the units and when the sale may go live. 

The pre-orders of the units may be live on some retailers as a measure to understand the demand for the PS5 units in India. And it seems like most of the market is rather positive that Sony will be able to make the ‘late 2020’ launch window of the PS5.

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