Outriders crossplay: how to enable and latest PC/console updates

Outriders crossplay
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Want to enable Outriders crossplay so you can squad up with friends on any platform? Then you've landed on the right page. Outriders fully supports crossplay meaning that even if you're playing on PS5 and your friend is playing on PC or Xbox Series X, you can team up and take on Enoch's most hardened inhabitants.

By default, Outriders crossplay is turned off. So, in order to enable crossplay, there are a few steps you have to follow. While crossplay was initially disabled after launch weekend due to server issues, the crucial feature has since been reintroduced to the game (more on that below).

Read on for how to enable Outriders crossplay and for the latest updates on PC and console crossplay.

How to enable Outriders crossplay

Outriders crossplay

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As Outriders crossplay is turned off by default, you'll need to turn it on before you start playing with friends on other platforms. 

It's worth noting you can't play Outriders in multiplayer with anyone until you finish the game's prologue, so make sure you do that first.

Once the prologue is complete and you can start matchmaking, take the following steps to enable Outriders crossplay and start a crossplay game with a friend who might be on another platform:

  • Go to 'Options' and then 'Gameplay'
  • Scroll down to 'Enable Crossplay' (which should say off) 
  • Click on 'Enable Crossplay' and change to 'on'
  • Go to the game lobby and select 'Play with Friends' 
  • On the bottom left you will see a 'Crossplay Game Codes' section
  • To create your own game code so others can join your game, select 'Generate Your Game Code'
  • To join a friend's game, select ' Join a Game Using Code' and input their code
  • This should put you in the lobby together

You only need to take these steps if you are playing with someone who is playing on a different ecosystem you. So if you're playing on PS5 and your friend is on PS4, you can still matchmake using your PlayStation Friends List (if you have them added). Simply select their name from the 'Play with Friends' screen.

Despite being disabled shortly after launch, full crossplay is now available in Outriders no matter your platform of choice. That means console players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5 can all play with each other, as well as with PC players on Steam and the Epic Games Launcher.

Why was Outriders PC/console crossplay disabled?

Outriders crossplay

(Image credit: People Can Fly / Square Enix)

Following issues between PC and console crossplay over Outriders' launch weekend, crossplay between these platforms was temporarily disabled so developer People Can Fly could iron out the issues for a better crossplay experience. 

"In preparing the Day 1 builds for PC and Consoles, we discovered a desynchronization between the PC and Console code," publisher Square Enix wrote in a thread on Reddit. "This results in a backend mismatch which causes players to be kicked out of a multiplayer game that includes both Console and PC players.

"We are treating this issue with the highest priority and we are working on patches that will synchronize all platform code, which will resolve these issues."

At the time, that meant that PC and console players couldn't crossplay together. However, Square Enix has rolled out a patch on April 9 that made crossplay across all platforms viable again.

Has Outriders got crossplay voice chat?

No, so if you want to voice chat with friends on other platforms then you'll need to use a communication system like Discord or TeamSpeak.

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