Best Outriders class guide: which class should you pick?

Outriders class guide
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No matter who you are, there’s a good chance you’re going to get stuck on the Outriders class selection screen. This starting choice will define the rest of your playthrough, so it’s only fair that you take the time to deliberate on it. 

Outriders gives you four classes to choose from, and each of them varies quite dramatically, gameplay-wise. This is great for when you’re playing in co-op, as you can create synergy between your abilities to get through difficult encounters. 

But before you get to the good bit, you’ve got to make this all-important choice. In this guide, we’re going to dish the details on each class so you can get an idea of which one you should pick for your first foray into the game. 

Outriders classes explained

Outriders class guide

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While you can create multiple characters in Outriders, you can’t change your class once it’s locked in, so you want to make sure that you’re picking the right class for you, depending on your preferred playstyle.

It’s also worth noting that every class in Outriders can use any type of gun in the game, though some will have certain buffs when using specific weaponry. As for upgrading your class, each one features a class tree with three branches. Players can assign class points here to tune their build and unlock special skills in the later parts of the tree that offer meaningful benefits beyond small statistical upgrades.

Every class will also start with three skills, unlocking new abilities that can be swapped in and out as they progress up to level 22. Finding a good trio of abilities that complement each other is half the battle in Outriders, so make sure to experiment as you unlock more — every combination is viable.

Devastator class

Outriders class guide

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The tagline for Devastator is “close range tank, stand your ground” which does a good job of summing up how they operate. This class has more health and armor than the others and heals by killing enemies that are close to it, so you’re going to want to be in the thick of combat as much as possible, crushing your enemies so you can sap their health and stay alive. It’s a unique way to play Outriders given that the game is a cover shooter.

Choose this class if you like using shotguns and don’t mind soaking up all of the damage for your team. The Devastator’s abilities are fun to execute and often interrupt enemies when they’re charging their skills, which is a vital tactic in the late game. 

Take Gravity Leap, a skill that lets you zip across the map and punch the ground with a devastating superhero landing, stopping an enemy from activating their ability. There are also multiple defensive abilities available, such as Reflect Bullets. This lets you pull up a force field that collects projectiles that could damage your team and shoot them back at an enemy. Playing a Devastator can be demanding, requiring you to be alert at all times — if you aren’t constantly watching your health bar and fighting enemies in your proximity you can get wiped easily. Keep this in mind before you pick it, but if you can manage the mayhem, it’s a blast.

Trickster class

Outriders class guide

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The Trickster is a close-range hit and run hero in Outriders that wields space-time to unravel their enemies. They’re quite a technical class to play and an alluring hybrid, a mobile tank with stealth and slowing abilities. The Trickster’s gameplay loop will take longer to master than the other classes, but it’s well worth it for the satisfaction of warping in and out of combat and leaving a trail of misery behind you.

Moves like Slow Trap can disorient and confuse enemies before you execute an ability like Hunt the Prey, which sees the Trickster zipping behind foes to debunk their very existence. Later down the line, you’ll pick up other deadly skills like Venator’s Knife that lets you throw a knife that ricochets between groups of targets, weakening them as it bounces. Check this class out if you want to have your cake and eat it with Outriders’ deliciously deep combat system. Dishonored fans won’t be disappointed...

Technomancer class

Outriders class guide

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The Technomancer is the support class in Outriders, a feared strategist that thrives at long-range and uses gadgets to help their team from afar, sapping health for their own pool as they go. When a tank is in danger and sprinting for their life, your Cryo Turret could turn an enemy to ice at a vital moment, flipping their fortunes.

Fixing Wave is easily the Technomancer’s most important skill, a healing gadget unique to the class that restores 33% health to your teammates. This will be vital at higher World Tiers and in the Outriders endgame if you’re serious about taking on the game’s most difficult challenges. Pick this class if you’re a virtuous player who gets joy from helping the team. Keep in mind that you won’t be in the thick of battle, but you’ll still be very busy and contributing plenty, in a manner more rewarding than most of the classes on offer.

Pyromancer class

Outriders class guide

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The Pyromancer is the closest thing to a mage in Outriders. All of their abilities are related to fire, and they work best at medium-range, casting powerful skills like Feed the Flames, which immobilizes enemies with the Ash status effect. Many of the Pyromancer’s abilities can interrupt charging skills and some can also inflict Burn, which deals damage over time. Given the sheer range of status effects at their disposal, Pyromancer’s are uniquely versatile in Outriders.

The Pyromancer healing mechanic is activated when enemies marked by their skills are killed, so if you’re looking for more of a skills-focused, ability-busy build then you should pick this one. Their later skills include energy beams and devastating volcanic eruptions — their powers are unmatched in their chaotic potential to disrupt combat and flip fights on their head.

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