Outriders crafting guide: how to craft and what resources to look out for

Outriders crafting guide
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Once you’ve begun to understand your class you can tune it even further by engaging with the Outriders crafting system. 

This will allow you to upgrade and customize your weapons to your liking, tweaking them with modifications that synchronize with your build to make sure you’re as efficient as possible. 

To craft and upgrade equipment you’re going to need special resources found throughout the game, and in this guide, we’re going to show you how the crafting system works in Outriders, and how you can find and use the game’s resources to make your build the best it can be.  

Outriders crafting system explained

Outriders crafting guide

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To start crafting in Outriders you’re going to need to progress through the main questline until you establish a camp at The First City. Once that’s done, you can speak to Dr Zahedi, who opens up a menu with a set of five options per item.

Your crafting options include the following:

  • Improve Rarity — This will upgrade the color and rarity of your weapon, potentially adding mod slots.
  • Raise Attributes — Every gun has special attributes and you can upgrade its efficacy with Attribute Shards.
  • Mod Gear — Here you can swap a gun’s mods with other mods in your collection at a cost.
  • Swap Variant — This will alter the statistics of your gun, and change the way it fires.
  • Level Up — This will upgrade the level of the gun to help match your character’s level or the current inflated world tie level.

Outriders crafting guide

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You’re going to end up with tons of loot in Outriders, and you’ll have a choice whether to sell or dismantle it. Selling it won’t get you anything but Scraps, which are used to buy other items at hub vendors. Alternatively, dismantling items gets you crafting resources that let you upgrade items, and if the dismantled item was rare enough to contain a mod, you’ll also add that mod to your mod collection, meaning you can graft it into other items in the future. 

Outriders crafting resources explained

Outriders crafting guide

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Now you know how crafting works, you may be wondering how to find more of the important crafting resources in Outriders.

To get more Leather you’re going to need to dismantle pieces of armor that you find in the world, and you’ll also pick up extra leather from dead enemies.

If you’re looking for more Iron, you should seek out ore veins in the world which you can mine. You’ll also get extra Iron from dismantling weapons. 

Outriders craftiing guide

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For more Shards, you just need to dismantle items, and the specific shards you receive will depend on the attributes of the item you’re dismantling. So if you dismantle a weapon with ‘Armor Pierce’ you’ll get Armor Pierce shards which you can use to upgrade other equipment.

Finally, Titanium. This is the most finite resource in the game and you’ll be fighting to acquire it. The easiest way to get it is to dismantle high-quality items. You can also pick it up as a rare drop from tricky enemies, a lucky drop from ore veins and as a rare reward for upgrading your world tier.

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