How to download the Sky Go app

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If you’re a Sky TV subscriber, you’ll really want to know about the Sky Go app – a free-to-use platform for watching all your Sky TV programming on mobile or desktop devices.

Sure, nothing quite beats watching a movie or sports match on a properly-sized smart TV or projector. But if you’re just keen to catch up on the go, or subtly watch the football while you’re meant to be working at your desk, then Sky Go is how you go about it.

It’s relatively easy to download the Sky Go app, but we’ve run through everything you’ll need to know about where to find it, supported devices, any additional costs, and what you’ll need to subscribe to before getting any use out of it.

Cut to the chase

  • What is Sky Go? The Sky TV app for watching on the go
  • What platforms is it on? iOS, Android, desktop, Xbox One, PS4
  • How much is it? You’ll need a Sky TV subscription to use the app, which starts at £25 a month for the basic package, with additional expenses for add-on channels
  • What can I watch on it? All Sky TV content you're subscribed to – so a mix of sports, cinema, drama, documentaries, and more

Sky Go app: what can you watch on it?

As a Sky TV subscriber, you’ll be able to watch any of the content available to you through the Sky Go app. That means films, TV shows, and live sports are all on the table – while the app also incorporates free-to-air channels like ITV and Channel 4.

Depending on what kind of subscription you have, you may be able to access Sky Atlantic, which hosts a wide number of films, and has the UK broadcast rights for many HBO shows such as Chernobyl. Sky Cinema, too, adds in a slate of movies with (famously) a new film premiering on the service every day.

A Sky Sports-included subscription, too, will give you access to all the live sport from the “Premier League, EFL, England Cricket and more”.

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Sky Go devices: where can you get it?

The Sky Go app is available on a host of different platforms, including iOS and Android devices, desktop for Mac and PC, and even Xbox One and PS4 game consoles. You can expect it to be available on Xbox Series X and PS5 when they launch later this year too.

How to download the Sky Go app

If you want to download the Sky Go app, you can use one of the below links, or find the Sky Go (Sky UK Limited) app in your relevant mobile app store.

Sky Go Extra: what is it?

Sky Go Extra acts as a bolt-on to the Sky Go app, adding offline in-app viewing for an additional £5 per month. That’s it!

You’ll only be able to download content that’s already available to you through your Sky TV package, of course, and there are some time restrictions around your ability to watch anything you select for download. Selected programming will remain for up to 30 days in your Sky Go app, and be available for 48 hours from the moment you start watching it.

We’re not sure if anyone wants to spend several weeks watching one football match, but it’s worth keeping the time limits in mind.

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