This Karcher window vac will keep your windows dry all winter, and it's 48% off for Black Friday

Karcher WV2
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The Black Friday deals are here, and while it’s too late for me – I bought this product last year at full price – the Karcher WV1 window vac is 47% off at Amazon US right now, down from $79.99 to just $42.49. UK shoppers aren’t left out either, as they can grab the Karcher WV2 at a bigger 48% discount, from £84.99 to just £43.99

I live in a flat with not a lot of ventilation, so in the colder weather, lots of condensation collects on my windows and in my bathroom. It got to a point in which mold began to collect on my windowpane, and a few spores got into my rare leather editions of The Lord of the Rings books. I was not a happy camper.

Buying a Karcher WV2 window vacuum was a game changer, as I could wake up in the morning and suck all the moisture from the windowpanes before it became a problem. Likewise, after a hot shower, a quick five minutes with the Karcher WV2 prevents excess condensation. No more mold getting into your bathroom sealant. It’s up there with the best Black Friday dehumidifier deals and Black Friday vacuum deals as some of the top deals on homes kit you’ll find this year. 

Check out the deals in full below. Not in the US or the UK? Scroll down to find deals in your region. 

Get the Karcher WV1 Black Friday deal in the US here:

Karcher WV1 window vac: $79.99now $42.49 at Amazon

Karcher WV1 window vac: was $79.99 now $42.49 at Amazon
Save 47% on the cordless rechargeable Karcher. Suck up moisture on flat surfaces, and keep it clean in your wake with the included 10-inch squeegee blade. It’s almost half price right now. 

Get the Karcher WV2 Black Friday deal in the UK here:

Karcher WV2 window vac: £84.99 now £43.99 at Amazon

Karcher WV2 window vac: was £84.99 now £43.99 at Amazon
Save 48% on the WV2 model. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery cleans up to 105 m² on a single charge which is stated to be up to 75 windows. That’s probably enough to do the average apartment block.

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