Damp and mold, begone! These Black Friday dehumidifier deals are here to save the day

Black Friday dehumidifier deals
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Best add one of the best Black Friday dehumidifier deals to your shopping list during this coming sale event. In fact, if you live in what my colleague calls "damp little hobbit holes in the UK," make it your priority, especially if you're hoping to save money.

Wintertime brings a whole new set of headaches for those living in wetter, colder climates. For some in the UK, for example, the energy bills have almost tripled (BBC), which means that many people just can't afford to run an electric heater. That means not only having to endure the cold, but also high humidity and dampness, which comes with its own set of problems like festering mold and other allergens, ruined belongings, and newly-washed clothes that simply won't dry - to name a few.

It's just not a good situation to be in. Luckily, we made sure to gather the best Black Friday deals on dehumidifiers available right now. Dehumidifiers are excellent alternatives as they not only remove all the moisture in your space but can also lower energy costs in homes where you need to keep the windows open and the heating on.

We found great dehumidifier Black Friday deals on Amazon for spaces big and small, many at their lowest price yet, and some offering discounts of up to 36%. Take a look at our top picks below, and protect your health and your wallet.

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Black Friday deals - up to 36% off on dehumidifiers

JERVAMNI Portable Quiet Dehumidifier: £65.99 £46.19 at AmazonRecord low -

JERVAMNI Portable Quiet Dehumidifier: was £65.99 now £46.19 at Amazon
Record low - With an affordable price and low power consumption, even when you've got it running all day, this dehumidifier is perfect for taking the moisture out of small bedrooms and bathrooms. It's very quiet too and comes with a smart 7 LED light indicator. Thanks to this 30% Black Friday dehumidifier deal, it's even cheaper than ever.

ZASTION Dehumidifier: £80.99 £62.36 at Amazon
Lowest price -

ZASTION Dehumidifier: was £80.99 now £62.36 at Amazon
Lowest price -
Suck out all the humidity in your room and avoid icky molds with this small dehumidifier, which comes with two operating modes, an ultra-quiet operation, and an auto-off function. It's not the cheapest in its class, but it's at its cheapest right now with this 23% Black Friday dehumidifier deal. Just note that it works best at more than 30°C.

BAPHIYA Dehumidifier 2.2L: £99.99 £63.99 at AmazonCheapest price

BAPHIYA Dehumidifier 2.2L: was £99.99 now £63.99 at Amazon
Cheapest price - Another small room option, this dehumidifier not only removes moisture; it's also able to purify as well. It comes with sleep mode so you can have it on while sleeping as well as a display panel to show real-time temperature and humidity readings. With this Black Friday dehumidifier deal, it's 36% cheaper and at its low price ever.

BANRIN Dehumidifier: £95.99 £76.79 at AmazonNew low price

BANRIN Dehumidifier: was £95.99 now £76.79 at Amazon
New low price - Great for 80-square-metre spaces, this dehumidifier is perfect for bathrooms, closets, and small kitchens. It has low energy consumption and has a timer that can be set to 8, 12, and 24 hours. During the night, you can set it to quiet mode, and its 7-light indicator can double as a night light. It's not the cheapest we've found on Amazon, but it is 20% off with this Black Friday dehumidifier deal.

COLAZE 12L/Day Dehumidifier: £149.99now £119.99 at AmazonLowest price -

COLAZE 12L/Day Dehumidifier: was £149.99 now £119.99 at Amazon
Lowest price - If you're willing to spend a little more, you can get a more powerful dehumidifier like this one from Colaze that's capable of removing up to 12 liters of moisture per day, making it more efficient than the cheaper options. It has 2 drainage options and a fairly quiet operation. And this Black Friday dehumidifier deal knocks it down to under £120. 

Hangsun 12L Dehumidifier: £218.98now £138.96 at Amazon
37% off -

Hangsun 12L Dehumidifier: was £218.98 now £138.96 at Amazon
37% off -
This may take up space in your room, but it's worth the minor inconvenience as it's capable of sucking up 12L of water from your surroundings. If you're looking for something to assist you with drying your laundry, this is the one to get. You can also set your target humidity, so that the device automatically shuts off once that target is reached, conserving energy. This isn't the cheapest we've seen it, but if you want something a lot more potent, this is the Black Friday dehumidifier to grab.

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