Give the gift of warmth this Christmas with these smart heaters under $120

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Space heaters certainly come in handy in many situations, especially during these cold winter months, but they're also not the most convenient to use. For example, unless you've got one that comes with a remote control, it can be a pain to turn on/off or adjust the settings.

But winter is coming, and unless you live or work in a place with central heating, space heaters are your only option. Or are they?

The best smart home devices are the best devices to invest in right now, and lucky for you (and your cold hands and toes), smart heaters are an actual thing. Smart heaters are space heaters that work with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant so you can stay toasty without getting out of bed or lifting a finger. You can turn them on or off, adjust their target temperatures, and even toggle their swivel function with voice commands or via their respective apps.

What's more, they're typically very affordable, which makes them the perfect gift that keep on giving this holiday season.

I've got the Dreo Wall-Mounted Smart Heater in my apartment, which also solves the space problem, and it's currently 18% off at Dreo. But if you'd rather have one you can put away in the summer, something like the GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro or the GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Max is $40 off at Govee

Forget space heaters. Take a look at these deals on smart heaters, leftover from Black Friday, and give the gift of warmth this Christmas.

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Up to 20% off on Alexa-controlled smart heaters

Dreo WH729S Smart Wall-Mounted Heater: $139.99$114.79 at Dreo

Dreo WH729S Smart Wall-Mounted Heater: was $139.99 now $114.79 at Dreo
Take $25 off this wall-mounted smart heater from Dreo, and enjoy the convenience of asking Alexa to turn up the heating in your space for less. I love my Dreo smart heater, especially because it's much more responsive to voice control responses than most smart lights on the market. You can also set schedules and routines to save money on energy - like turn it on or off whenever your Amazon Echo does or does not detect people in the room.

Dreo WH719S Smart Wall-Mounted Heater: $129.99$106.59 at Dreo

Dreo WH719S Smart Wall-Mounted Heater: was $129.99 now $106.59 at Dreo
This cheaper version of Dreo's wall-mounted smart heater is discounted if you're looking to spend even less. It'll let you set the room temp anywhere from 41 to 95°F and offers a 120-degree oscillation. Naturally, all smart features are included as well.

GoveeLife Smart Electric Space Heater:$129.99$79.99 at Govee

GoveeLife Smart Electric Space Heater: was $129.99 now $79.99 at Govee
With a $50 discount - deeper than its early Black Friday offer - this smart heater from Govee is one of the best smart heater deals you can find right now. It not only offers app and voice control but also a quiet operation and compatibility with Govee's Thermo-Hygrometer for better temperature measurements.

GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro: $139.99$99.99 at Govee

GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Pro: was $139.99 now $99.99 at Govee
Powerful heating that can warm up spaces of up to 236 square feet in size is what you get with this pro version of the Govee smart heater. It has a quiet operation, a child lock, and RGB lighting. What's more, it's $40 off right now so you're not just saving money on energy.

GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Lite:$49.99$29.99 at Govee

GoveeLife Smart Space Heater Lite: was $49.99 now $29.99 at Govee
Budget-minded consumers may find a better bargain from this cheap smart heater from Govee, which comes with a $20 deal, making it even cheaper. And you don't have to worry about it being cheap either as it is flame-retardant, and comes with overheating and tip-over protection, making it a safe bet for homes with kids or pets.

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