The Apple Watch 10 is rumored to have a larger screen and a thinner design

Two Apple Watch 9 models
The Apple Watch 9 will be replaced later this year (Image credit: Apple)

If Apple sticks to its usual schedule then the Apple Watch 10 should appear around September time – and we've got some more rumors about the design changes that the new model might bring with it.

These predictions come from Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most reliable Apple analysts in the business: Kuo says the Apple Watch 10 is going to have a larger screen and a thinner overall form factor compared with the Apple Watch Series 9 launched last year.

The two available case sizes are apparently going to increase to 45mm and 49mm, up from 41mm and 45mm, respectively, to fit in the larger screen. Kuo doesn't mention if the screen bezels will be shrunk as well, which would give users even more display room.

As for the thinness, Kuo simply says a "thinner design" is on the way. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has also said Apple is working on making its smartwatches thinner – as well as its iPhones and its MacBooks, following on from the new, super-thin iPad Pro.

Ultra colors and 3D printing

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 on a person's wrist

The Apple Watch Ultra 3 might look a lot like the Ultra 2 (Image credit: Future)

Kuo says, there won't be as much of a redesign when it comes to the Apple Watch Ultra 3, which is also expected in September. Its physical specifications will apparently remain "roughly the same," although a darker case option might be introduced.

In his post, Kuo mentions that the Apple Watch will feature 3D-printed parts going forward. This is something the analyst has hinted at before, and it should mean the overall manufacturing process will be quicker and cheaper for Apple.

We've heard about a potential redesign for the standard Apple Watch since last year. In 2024, Apple may even switch to an Apple Watch X name to acknowledge the tenth generation of the wearable, which hasn't changed much in terms of its looks.

There's also been talk of an upgrade in the display tech, which might improve battery life, something that watchOS 11 might improve as well. The next-generation software is due to launch around the same time as the Apple Watch 10 and the Apple Watch Ultra 3.

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