MLB baseball on ESPN Plus: what games can I watch and how much does it cost?

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Major League Baseball is back, but with the TV and streaming rights split across so many different channels and platforms, figuring out the best place to watch MLB live streams can appear more daunting than a four-seam fastball from Jacob deGrom. 

ESPN Plus is one of a multitude of rights-holders competing for eyes during this 2022 MLB season, and it's not only one of the cheapest options, but one of the simplest too.

If you're not familiar with ESPN Plus, it's a streaming-only service that's marketed under the ESPN brand. But it's better thought of as a completely separate entity to the sports network. That's because the MLB games that are shown on ESPN Plus are not the same ones that are shown on ESPN's TV channels.

In this article we'll explain how many MLB games you can watch with ESPN Plus, the subscription options that'll get you the most bang for your buck, as well as how to get a big-screen experience. Read on for all the above and more - here's what you need to know about 2022 MLB baseball on ESPN Plus.

MLB baseball on ESPN Plus: what can I watch?

With a subscription to ESPN Plus, you'll be able to watch an MLB game on almost every single day of the regular season. 

ESPN Plus has held back from revealing a specific number - and, indeed, an exhaustive list of the games it will be showing - but with the 2022 regular season set to run from Thursday, April 7 to Wednesday, October 5, by our count that's around 182 games.

The lack of choice won't be to everyone's tastes, especially for die-hard fans of a particular franchise. But for many casual baseball fans, having roughly one game to look forward to each day might just be the perfect arrangement. 

The only real catch is that the games shown on ESPN Plus aren't exclusive to the platform, which means they're subject to local blackout restrictions.

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How much does it cost to watch MLB baseball on ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus is one of the best-value sports streaming services out there, with a basic subscription costing just $6.99 per month

However, if you're happy to commit to a 12-month subscription, you need only pay $69.99, which works out at less than $6 per month.

And there are even bigger savings to be made if you opt for the Disney Plus Bundle, which gets you an ESPN Plus subscription, as well as Disney Plus and Hulu. (If you're struggling to see a connection, all three of the platforms are either owned or part-owned by The Walt Disney Company.)

The Disney Plus Bundle costs $13.99 per month, whereas separate monthly subscriptions to ESPN Plus, Disney Plus and Hulu would cost a minimum of $21.97 per month.

On Hulu you'll find a vast library of films and TV shows both old and new, including How I Met Your Father, Pam and Tommy, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Ramy, while Disney Plus is the home of all things Marvel, Star Wars and, of course, Disney and Pixar. 

Where else can I watch MLB baseball?

As we've said, there are more broadcasters than you can shake a Marucci bat at for the 2022 MLB season, with games being shown across Fox, FS1, TBS, ESPN, ESPN 3/ABC and MLB Network - and that's just on TV!

Apple TV Plus has also got a slice of the action, and Apple is sweetening its deal by offering up the first 12 Friday Night Baseball double-headers of the season for free.

Meanwhile, it's being strongly rumored that Amazon Prime Video has secured exclusive rights to 21 Yankees games this season, and if the deal transpires, Amazon will no doubt be looking to lure in viewers with its famous 30-day FREE trial.

However, the most comprehensive MLB coverage comes from MLB.TV, which costs $139.99 for the season and is live streaming every single game. It's primarily suited to fans who are based outside of their home team's city, as all games are subject to local blackout restrictions.

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What other sport content can I watch on ESPN Plus?

ESPN Plus may not have all the MLB games, but it more than makes up for that with the sheer breadth of top-tier sports events that you can watch on the service.

You'll find Top Rank boxing, international cricket, PGA Tour golf, NHL games, La Liga and international soccer, live tennis coverage and college football - all with a subscription to just one service.

And it gets even better. ESPN Plus is the only place to watch UFC in the US, with Fight Night cards available to live stream in full without an additional PPV fee. Numbered PPV events, however, do require a PPV fee for access. 

There's also a treasure-trove of sports documentaries on the platform, most notably the 30 for 30 collection, which includes O.J.: Made in America, Once Upon a Time in Queens, and The Life and Trials of Oscar Pistorius.

What devices can I watch MLB baseball on ESPN Plus with?

Even though it's so cheap, you can still get the full-fat, big-screen experience with ESPN Plus, as it works with an enormous variety of devices, including Chromecast.

You can also watch the baseball on your TV with ESPN Plus if you use an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV or Roku device, or if you've hooked an Xbox or PlayStation console up to your television.

And, naturally, you've got the additional convenience of being able to stream the action on the go, whether that's on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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