Will I get any free gifts when I pre-order iPhone 13 deals?

iPhone 13 deals
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iPhone 13 deals seem to be good enough in themselves this year. That means, unlike years gone by, you're not going to be getting many free gifts thrown in with the iPhone 13 as the deal just doesn't need sweetening. 

The phone this year offers lots of new features so if you want the iPhone 13 expect that to be enough. From better cameras and processing to enhanced display brightness and even a bigger battery.

But there's more, or less, as appears to be the case this year – Apple isn't including much with the phone at all.

What comes with the iPhone 13 deals?

Like last year, this iPhone 13 won't come with some of the accessories you may have once expected to get with your phone.

The iPhone 13 will come in a super small box, ideal for gifting, but as such you'll simply get a USB-C to Lightning cable packed in. 

Apple must presume that we've all got charger blocks from the past so why not re-use and cause less waste? Yeah, an eco choice that we foot the bill on, thanks Apple.

Where can I get a free gift with my iPhone 13?

Apple might not be offering a free gift with the iPhone 13 but that doesn't mean others won't. To be fair to Apple, there are trade-in deals that could see you make a big saving on the new phone by giving back your older model. 

Last year lots of retailers threw in deals to help attract iPhone fans. Check the main competitors below to see what they are all offering:

iPhone 13 deals on contract:

- Carphone Warehouse
- Mobiles.co.uk
Affordable Mobiles
Sky Mobile
Virgin Mobile

iPhone 13 deals SIM-free:
John Lewis
Amazon UK
Apple Store

Stateside in the US incentives are sought after but Apple appears to be resisting that need with no direct gifts from the retailer. But that doesn't mean you won't likely get extras with promotions. Expect Apple Watch or, at least, AirPods to be deal sweeteners from some sellers.

Retailers to watch out for with free gifts in the US are:

What does the iPhone 13 offer?

The iPhone 13 really crams in all the deal goodness in and of itself. There's a longer battery life, better camera setup, faster CPU and brighter display. All that is backed by plenty of new software advances to make the phone easier to use, more fun and more productive. It's still tough and water resistant and comes in plenty of color options and a pocket friendly 6.1-inch display size.

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