Vodafone’s new bonus-data deal nets you 80GB per month for AU$40

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Vodafone is the most affordable provider among the three major telcos, and its new bonus-data deal is offering up even better value to Aussie customers. For a limited time, you can score 80GB of data for AU$40 a month with Vodafone.

This plan usually costs AU$45 for 80GB of data, so you’ll get AU$5 off your bill every month, for as long as you stay connected to the plan. On top of that, the plan originally came with 30GB of data, so you’re getting an extra 50GB here.

To put the price into perspective, Vodafone’s regular AU$40 plan only gets you 40GB of data, and this deal is doubling that amount for the exact same price. It’s also ahead of Telstra and Optus in terms of value, with Telstra’s entry-level plan costing AU$55 a month for 40GB, while Optus offers 20GB for AU$45 a month.

To secure this deal from Vodafone, you only need to sign up online before the offer ends on March 31.

You can also get this data deal as a SIM-only plan or by pairing it with a phone, such as the iPhone 13 or Samsung Galaxy S22. For a full comparison of Vodafone’s mobile plans, see below:

Vodafone’s a solid choice if you want lots of data at a good price, but it’s held back by having smaller coverage when compared to Telstra and Optus. If you’re in a regional or rural area in Australia, there are some Telstra and Optus supported networks that could suit you better.

Belong uses part of the Telstra 4G network, and it has an 80GB plan that costs AU$45 each month. While that makes it more expensive than Vodafone’s current deal, Belong has an online-only offer that gets you two months for the price of one when you sign up.

There are also good alternatives from smaller telcos on the Optus network. With Circles.Life, you can get 100GB of data for AU$38 a month over your first nine months, before it increases to AU$45 ongoing.

Neither Belong nor Circles.Life will get you 5G connectivity though – if you want that, you should consider Spintel. It uses Optus’ 5G network in selected areas, and will get you 80GB for AU$40 a month for your first six months, before increasing to AU$50 a month ongoing.

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