The cheapest iPhone XS Max unlocked SIM-free prices in December 2021

Apple iPhone XS Max Fact File

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Release date: September 2018
Launch price: From $1,099, £1,099, AU$1,799
Platform: iOS 12
Storage: 64GB / 256GB / 512GB
Camera: 12MP / 7MP
Screen: Super Retina OLED 1424x2688
Battery: 3174mAh
Colours: Space Grey, Silver, Gold

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Let's be honest here...Did you really think back in the days of brick phones and Snake games that you would ever be considering spending upwards of a grand on a phone? Because with Unlocked iPhone XS Max SIM-free deals are in that field.

Of course, when this handset came out, it the was the first time a handset really dived into this region. Now, it's not that expensive considering its competition with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Fold leaving you nearly 2 grand out of pocket.

So what does the seemingly large unlocked SIM-free price of an iPhone XS Max get you? While it isn't as revolutionary in tech as the more recent iPhone 11 Pro Max, it isn't all too far behind.

The RRP of $1099/£1099 (cheaper now thanks to new releases) lands you with the impossible-sounding 3 million-odd pixel OLED display, new A12 Bionic processor, dual SIM support and 12MP dual lens main camera and that's before the dual lens camera and 3174mAh battery come into play.

If your attitude is along the lines of "in for a penny, in for a pound", then you may prefer to splash out on some more onboard memory. Let's face it, that phenomenal 6.5-inch display and wider stereo sound mean that the iPhone XS Max is going to be a great multimedia companion and you'll want to ram it with music and video.

On that basis, the numbers you need to know are $1,249/£1,249 for the 256GB model and an eye-watering $1,449/£1,449 for the mighty 512GB iPhone XS Max. Once you have it, you can check out our best SIM only deals guide (UK only) to see what plan to select for your new enormous smartphone.

So if you're ready to find the best SIM-free and unlocked iPhone XS Max deals, scroll down to compare all of the options currently available.

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