Horizon Zero Dawn PC pre-orders are 10% off with this deal

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Horizon Zero Dawn releases on PC this Friday, and we've found somewhere that knocks 10% off the price. Green Man Gaming currently lists the game for £35.99, which is less than Steam's £39.99 listing price. Horizon Zero Dawn is the second major PS4 exclusive after Death Stranding to make the leap to PC, and this version of the game is highly anticipated. Note that this appears to be a UK-only deal.

If you're in the US, you could be eligible for a Horizon PC discount too – scroll down for more. 

While we can't speak to the quality of Horizon on PC just yet, the PC version will allow you to control bow-wielding protagonist Aloy with a mouse and keyboard, plus it supports 4K resolution and a higher frame rate than you can enjoy on PS4. The game will be released on August 7 on PC. 

Here's the deal:

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition | PC | £39.99£35.99 on Green Man Gaming

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition | PC | £39.99 £35.99 on Green Man Gaming
Major PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn releases on PC on August 7, and lets players run the game at more than 30FPS at up to 4K resolution, assuming they've got the specs for it.

Is there a Horizon Zero Dawn PC deal in the US? 

Green Man Gaming hasn't replicated the same offer in the US, unfortunately, but if you've used the retailer before, it's actually possible you can save 14% on the Horizon Zero Dawn list price of $49.99

GMG has a loyalty program called XP, with three different tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. This scales some discounts depending on how many eligible games you've bought from GMG in the past. If you're ranked Bronze, you can save 14% on Horizon for PC, bringing the price down to $42.99, seven dollars off of the Steam price.

It's a hidden discount, though. Just look for a 'Claim Offer' button on the Horizon Zero Dawn page at the top of the column on the right-hand side when you're signed in. If you haven't reached Bronze yet, you sadly won't be eligible for the offer. 

Here's a screenshot of the discount when applied to our Bronze account:

Bronze members get the game at $42.99.
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