Google Pixel 4 is now so cheap you don't need to wait for the Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4 deals
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The Google Pixel 4 was a little bit on the pricey side when it was released, which is totally understandable given the collection of top-end features present, but some people may have been waiting for the anticipated Pixel 4a which would bring some of the top features with a lower price tag.

Well, there's no need to wait for that any more, because a John Lewis deal just made the Pixel 4 much, much more affordable – you're saving as much as £350 in total. This is on the 64GB storage version of the phone in white or black.

You're saving this much thanks to both a £200 price cut, with an extra £150 cash-back which you can redeem afterwards. So while this size of Google Pixel 4 launched for £669, you now only have to spend £319 to pick it up, which is less than half what it launched for. In fact, we'd be surprised if the Pixel 4a launched for that much.

This deal likely won't last for too long, so if you want this great camera phone, you should jump now.


Google Pixel 4: £669 £469 (with £150 cashback) at John Lewis
You can save £350 on one of the biggest-name phones of 2019 with this deal on the Google Pixel 4 at John Lewis. Now you can enjoy this phone and its great design, camera and display, for a surprisingly low price.

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