Get a free Apple Watch or Pixel Watch with this AT&T Black Friday deal

Apple Watch SE hot or not
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If you were planning on buying a network-connected smartwatch this holiday season, AT&T has a buy-one-get-one Black Friday deal for Apple Watch and Pixel Watch. When you buy any Apple Watch, you can get a free Apple Watch SE. Pixel Watch buyers can get a second Pixel Watch with a similar offer. Contract conditions most certainly apply. 

You can find plenty of great Black Friday deals on smartwatches, but nothing like this BOGO offer, for better and for worse. You could net a free Apple Watch SE that is normally worth $299, or a similarly priced Pixel Watch. Unfortunately, AT&T makes you promise to pay for that watch over the next three years with a 36-month installment plan. 

That means you get the $299 watch divided into thirty-six $8.31 payments, and AT&T pays that bill for you. If you leave or disconnect your watch after 20 months, you still owe 16 of those payments, or $133. Of course, that also means you got the Apple Watch SE for a $166 discount off the original price, so it wasn't a terrible deal. 

With deals that require a contract, we recommend caution, but if you plan on keeping your watch connected for a year or more, that would be enough of a discount to make this buy-one-get-one offer worth the leap. 

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Apple Watch SE (2022, LTE): Free (with contract)

Apple Watch SE (2022, LTE): Free (with contract) was $299
Save $299 – If you were planning on buying a connected Apple Watch to go with your phone, AT&T will give you a second Watch, an Apple Watch SE, for free. You need to connect both watches to the network and pay for them on an installment plan, but even if you quit early you've still saved a bundle. You can reduce the price further with a trade in, as well. 

Google Pixel Watch (LTE) Free (with contract)

Google Pixel Watch (LTE) Free (with contract) was $399
Save $399 – The Google Pixel Watch is one of the newest wearables around, and AT&T is giving you a bonus when you buy one and connect it to your cell phone plan. Get two Pixel Watch devices when you sign a long term payment plan and keep both connected, for the price of one.  The Pixel Watch isn't the best performing smartwatch, but it's one of the most stylish, and this is an intriguing deal if you were planning on keeping it connected. 

We normally see great smartwatch deals on last years model, and it's easy to find the Apple Watch Series 7 or even the older Apple Watch SE from years ago getting a nice price cut. It's much harder to find this year's models on sale, especially a watch as new as the Pixel Watch. 

We like connected smartwatches for exercising without a lot of bulk. An LTE-connected smartwatch can play music, receive and send messages, and even make payments, without the need for a bulky phone. You can keep in touch on your run, grab some water and and a snack, then head back with your favorite podcast playing. No phone required. 

If that sounds like a great way to use a smartwatch, signing up for a contract isn't a bad deal, even if you decide to leave early. If you leave within a year, you've gotten the equivalent of $100 off, which isn't the same as getting it free, but is still a respectable bargain. 

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No matter where you live, you'll find all the lowest prices for the Apple Watch SE and the Pixel Watch from around the web right here, with offers available in your region.

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