Amazon cuts the price of its best-selling mattress topper to just $63

The blue Lucid 4 Inch Gel Mattress Topper placed on a white mattress and dressed with cushions
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The feel of your mattress can affect your sleep comfort, and one way to change it for the better – and fast – is to add a bed topper. They’re cheaper for a start, and we’ve just spotted a 15% price cut on Amazon’s best-seller: the Lucid 4 Inch Gel Memory Foam Topper is now reduced to $63 for a twin size at Amazon (opens in new tab) (was $75). That’s a great price for a well-rated topper.

The Lucid topper sits in our best mattress toppers guide and is available in 2”, 3” and 4” variations - the 2” takes the top spot on Amazon, with the 4” close behind. While this 15% saving may not seem like much at first glance, it does get you a queen size gel memory foam topper for just $101. That’s a great price for a topper rated by over 25,000 Amazon customers, and could tide you offer until you're in a position to invest in the best mattress for your sleep needs.

So whether you’re getting a head start on college supplies or you’re looking to make your guest bed or main mattress more comfortable for less, the Lucid 4 Inch Gel Memory Foam Topper is an excellent way to do so. You’ll get free shipping, plus a three-year warranty - we don’t normally see that length of coverage on budget toppers. We'll also let you know if the price drops any further in the Lucid 4th of July mattress sale.

Lucid 4 Inch Gel Topper: from (opens in new tab)

Lucid 4 Inch Gel Topper: from $75 $63.69 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save 15% - This is Lucid’s thickest topper, made with gel-infused foam to help it stay cool beneath you when placed on your mattress. The foam is ventilated for better airflow, and you’ll get that sink-in softness memory foam is known for. A twin size is down to $63.69 with free shipping.

People seek out the best memory foam mattresses because of the body-cradling comfort they provide, but if you’re looking for a cheaper way to get a memory foam feel for less on an existing mattress, this Lucid topper is a quick and cheap option. 

It’s the thickest model in the brand’s range, delivering that sink-in feel people want from memory foam. This can be beneficial when helping to relieve hip and back pain in bed, but the downside is that it’s harder to turn over on a memory foam topper and to get up from one. This is something to keep in mind if you have specific mobility requirements. 

Still, there’s plenty of comfort on offer from this basic mattress topper, and it couldn’t be easier to place on your mattress - simply unpack it, pop it on top of your mattress and you’re done. It can be used underneath your mattress protector too. And if you're not sure whether you need a mattress topper or a mattress pad, learn about the differences in our mattress pad vs mattress topper article.

It may smell for a day or two after, but this is a normal part of off-gassing (a process that happens when compressed memory foam expands) and will clear up. If you can, keep your bedroom window open and the smell will dissipate faster. 

Looking for something different to the Lucid topper? Then check out our other topper picks below, or see our best pillows guide to boost your sleep comfort further.

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