Amaysim’s one-year prepaid plan gets you 60GB for just AU$99

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Finding a good pre-paid mobile plan for under AU$10 a month might seem like an impossible task, but Amaysim’s latest long-expiry offer is doing just that, giving you 60GB of data for AU$99 on a one-year plan.

One-year plans aren’t very common, but they are some of the cheapest mobile plans you can find. This plan will see you pay AU$99 for 60GB upfront, so Amaysim’s deal works out to be AU$8.25 for 5GB each month for your first year.

This prepaid mobile plan was originally AU$120 for one year of coverage, so you’ll save a sweet AU$21 in Amaysim’s deal. If you want to lock it in, just be sure to sign up before the offer ends on April 30.

Since this 365-day plan only gives you 60GB of data to use for an entire year, it’s a plan that’ll suit small data users best. If you work from home or in an office where you’re constantly connected to a Wi-Fi network, the plan could also be a good fit – we’d recommend checking your current usage to see how you stack up.

On top of your data, this Amaysim plan gives you unlimited talk and text to standard Australian numbers, but unlike some of Amaysim’s other plans, international calls aren’t included.

All of Amaysim’s prepaid plans come with no lock-in contracts, free SIM delivery and let you transfer (or port) your current number to the service. The telco also uses the Optus 4G Plus network, so you’ll be in safe hands in terms of coverage and speed. Just note that like other small telcos using Optus’ network, your service will drop back to 3G when making calls.

Amaysim has received some positive feedback on Product Review, particularly when compared to Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. There are other small telcos that fare well too, such as Mate and Moose Mobile – the latter has an excellent SIM-only plan worth checking out if you’re not keen on a year-long prepaid plan.

Jasmine Gearie
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