Vodafone's Fibre 2 broadband is now just £26 a month with no upfront fees

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Looking for a new fibre broadband deal at an affordable price? Well, look no further than this offer from Vodafone.

Right now, you can get the company's popular Fibre 2 broadband for the low cost of just £26 a month, without any upfront fees. To get this deal and make the most of average download speeds of up to 67Mbps, you'll need to sign a 24-month contract and be in a property that can currently access Vodafone's fibre broadband network. 

The package also comes with unlimited data and a landline, and you can get upload speeds of up to 20Mbps. This, alongside the excellent and free 'Power Hub with WiFi 6' you get as your router, makes the deal a solid choice for small or medium-sized households who like to do everything from streaming in UHD to online gaming to just casually browsing the web. The connection can also support the use of multiple devices at once, without impacting the quality of your broadband's performance when online.

Existing Vodafone mobile customers should note that you can also log into your account when looking to sign up for this deal to 'save up to £2 a month'.

In addition, you can also upgrade your package to include Vodafone's 'Xtra' bolt-on. This sees you get Apple TV 4K, 24 months of Apple TV+ and unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles, for an extra £14 a month. There are also other upgrade options such as getting a higher-spec 'Super WiFi 6' router (at a cost of £32 a month) or its 'Pro II' bundle that gets the WiFi booster and automatic 4G backup (for £39 a month). 

Lastly, as well as being able to access Vodafone's fibre network, the only other thing customers should note is that the provider states its 'monthly price will increase each April starting from April 2025 by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation, published in January of that year +3.9%'. 

Vodafone | Fibre 2 broadband | Up to 67Mbps average download speeds | £26 p/m | 24-month contract | No upfront fees to pay

Vodafone | Fibre 2 broadband | Up to 67Mbps average download speeds | £26 p/m | 24-month contract | No upfront fees to pay

This broadband deal includes Vodafone's popular Fibre 2 package, which gives average download speeds of up to 67Mbps for only £26 a month. Better still, you don't need to pay any upfront costs and you get unlimited data. You'll need to sign a 24-month contract to get this superfast package and be able to access Vodafone's broadband network. This is something you can check directly when you make an inquiry using our link.

Should I choose Vodafone's broadband?

Vodafone is a great choice if you're looking for quality and dependable broadband and it is a firm fixture in our rundown of the UK's best broadband providers.

Our featured deal is just one of its many great tariffs and across its selection of broadband speeds, it can cater to the needs of pretty much any home or business. From slower speeds to ultrafast Full Fibre ones, you're sure to find an option to suit your online needs. 

At the time of writing, Vodafone offers these tariffs:

- Fibre 1 - 35Mbps average download speeds
- Fibre 2 - 67Mbps average download speeds
- Full Fibre 74 - 74Mbps average download speeds
- Full Fibre 150 - 150Mbps average download speeds
- Full Fibre 500 - 500Mbps average download speeds
- Full Fibre 900 - 900Mbps average download speeds

Beyond this - and on top of what we've mentioned in our featured deal about its Apple TV broadband and TV bundle bolt-ons - Vodafone offers a decent level of customer service. Plus you can get support across a variety of channels, including email and over the phone. However, for balance, it does score slightly above the industry average (12) on Ofcom's latest customer complaints report with 14 complaints per 100,000 customers. 

With this - and although we think it is a top choice - Vodafone might not be the right provider for everyone. So if you'd like to see what else is available to you right now on the broadband market, head over to our best broadband deals page. Alternatively, enter your postcode into our widget below to see all the latest broadband packages in your area.

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