Hurry! Get these Cyber Monday DJI drone deals (or this Potensic) before they fly off the shelves

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It's Cyber Monday and there are some huge discounts from the maker of some of the best drones, DJI. We've rounded up only the very best of this year's bargains, right here.

DJI is the industry-leading drone maker, but just before the Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals event, we reviewed a brilliant low-cost drone that finally gives beginner pilots a proper alternative to the DJI Mini series, the Potensic Atom. And guess what? There's a Cyber Monday deal on this, one of the best beginner drones, too. 

You can find all the best Cyber Monday DJI drones deals, and that alternative, below, including the Avata Pro View Combo $999 at Amazon US or £859 at Amazon UK, while the Potensic Atom Fly More Combo is a bargain at $369.99 at Amazon US or £314.49 at Amazon UK

DJI has more strings to its bow, including some of the best action cameras, gimbals for mobile and remote mics. If you're interested in deals for those, we also have a Black Friday DJI deals page.

The best Cyber Monday DJI drone deals

DJI Mini 2 SE
US: $339 $299 at Amazon
UK: £309£259 at Amazon

DJI Mini 2 SE
was $339 now $299 at Amazon
was £309 now £259 at Amazon
This is an excellent discount on what is arguably one of the best beginner-friendly drones on the market – and one that offers good value too. Weighing just 249g and feature-packed, including a max flight time of 31 minutes, it's easy to use and you won't even need to register it as it's below the weight limitations. The cost shoots up for the Fly More combo, which costs $449.

Price check: $299 at DJI (US) / £269 at DJI (UK)

DJI Avata pro view combo kit (with Goggles 2 + RC Motion 2)US:$1,428 $999 at Amazon
UK: £1,249£859 at Amazon

DJI Avata pro view combo kit (with Goggles 2 + RC Motion 2)
US: was $1,428 now $999 at Amazon
was £1,249 now £859 at Amazon
DJI's pricy introduction to first person view drone flying is the small, intuitive and fun DJI Avata. It's more affordable now with a generous 30% discount ahead of Black Friday at Amazon and DJI. Compared to the chunkier DJI FPV that can fly at staggering speeds, the Avata is slower yet more agile, plus it has a better camera. If the thrill of piloting is stronger than the desire for a conventional camera drone, then the Avata, complete with DJI's Goggles 2, could be for you. 

Price check: DJI (US): $999 / DJI (UK): £859

DJI Mini 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC)
US only: $858 $699 at Amazon

DJI Mini 3 Fly More Combo (DJI RC)
US only:
was $858 now $699 at Amazon
As a more affordable sub-250g drone than the Mini 3 Pro, the Mini 3 ticks the boxes if you can live without obstacle collision and subject tracking. If this is your first ever drone, you'll be off to a flying start, with 12MP, 4K video up 30fps steadied by a 3-axis gimbal. With the Fly More Combo you get the pricy RC controller, plus numerous extras such as spare batteries and propellors thrown in. This is a decent deal for a decent drone. 

Price check: DJI $699

DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo: 
UK only: £949 £599 at Amazon

DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo:
UK only:
was £949 now £599 at Amazon
The Mavic Air 2 might have been succeeded by the Air 2S and then the Air 3, but it's only three-years old and we gave the beginner-friendly drone a 5 star review at launch, thanks to its flight chops, 4K / 60p video and 1/2-inch sensor with 12MP stills. It was £949 back then, but has a whopping 37% discount for the Fly More Combo that includes a cary case, charging doc, extra batteries and propellors. 

DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI NC)
UK only: £709 £549 at Amazon

DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI NC)
UK only:
was £709 now £549 at Amazon
The DJI Mini 3 Pro received our best drone 2023 award, and our Mini 3 Pro review billed the sub 250g drone as “the best compact drone you can buy” with punchy 4K video and tri-directional obstacle avoidance. It has since been updated by the Mini 4 Pro that delivers omni-directional obstacle avoidance and improved video features like 4K up to 120fps and D-Log M flat color profile. However, our Mini 4 Pro vs Mini 3 Pro article concludes that for most people the Mini 3 Pro is plenty enough, and it's price has come down at Amazon for the regular (NC) remote controller kit.

Price check: DJI: £569

DJI Air 2S
UK only: £899  £669.95 at Amazon

DJI Air 2S
UK only:
was £899 now £669.95 at Amazon
The Air 2S is one of our favorite drones – check out our five-star review that describes the Air 2S as "one of the best all-round drones you can buy" with stellar image quality from its 20MP 1-inch sensor. Since being updated by the Air 3 earlier this year, it gets a tasty price drop in this standard kit deal, while the Fly More Combo costs £919 via the same deal link. 

And the DJI drone alternative...

Potensic Atom Fly More bundle
US: $449 $369 at Amazon
UK: £369.99 £314.49 at AmazonSave $80 / £55:

Potensic Atom Fly More bundle
was $449 now $369 at Amazon
was £369.99 now £314.49 at Amazon
Save $80 / £55: The Potensic Atom is an impressive sub-250g beginner drone that offers features and flight performance more commonly associated with pricier models. Photos can be captured in raw and JPEG, with video capture available up to 4K at up to 30fps, while subject-tracking functionality is impressive for a drone of this price. It’s not perfect, but it’s one of the best beginner drones available and a compelling DJI alternative – the first that we'd serious consider instead of the DJI Mini 3. The Fly More bundle adds a host of extras to the Standard kit that costs $299 / £229.49, including additional batteries and a fast charging hub. 

There's some cracking DJI drones in this roundup, from the Avata that'll give you some of the best FPV flying fun as you earn your wings, to the Mini 3 Pro which was recently replaced by the Mini 4 Pro as the best sub 250g drone available. 

It's beginners that have a particularly interesting choice here. The DJI Mini 2 SE would normally be an easy recommendation as a first drone for aerial photographers (it's been updated by the Mini 3, but remains an excellent option that costs less now, too). However, Potensic pleasantly surprised us with its highly capable Atom drone that outdoes even the Mini 3 in some ways, including its stabilized 4K video. 

Whatever you're hoping for from a drone, there's a model in this deal roundup for you. If you're interested in more general cameras deals, do check out our Cyber Monday camera deals guide. 

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