Samsung Galaxy Buds FE leak reveals almost everything about the cheap wireless earbuds

Four Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 cases open to show the earbuds inside
The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 (Image credit: Samsung)

An event dedicated to Samsung’s Fan Edition (or FE) products is expected to land soon, but a new leak might have spoiled one more of the budget-friendly tech announcements. This latest leak has seemingly revealed almost everything about the Galaxy Buds FE.

In terms of its audio capabilities, according to the report that first shared the details, the Buds will support a single 10mm audio driver each. This should help the earbuds provide relatively decent bass and is larger than the 11mm driver found in the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 – however, audio performance may suffer on the high end as the FE seemingly lacks the equivalent to the 5.3mm driver the Pro Buds also sport.

Design-wise the report says the Buds will come in two colors, White or Graphite Gray, and the simplified design will feature a single touch-sensitive area on each bud that controls media playback via different finger tap inputs.

Leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE that show the buds with a standard design and a single large button on the outside edge

Leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE (Image credit: Samsung / WinFuture)

The report still leaves us with a few unanswered questions. There’s no word on how long the battery life is or if the buds will support premium features like active noise cancellation. That said, given the Fan Edition brand’s positioning as a more affordable Samsung offering, we don’t expect the Galaxy Buds FE to boast many (if any) premium upgrades like ANC.

As with all leaks, we need to remember to take these details with a pinch of salt. While the leaked images look good enough to be the official renders and the specs are within the bounds of what we expect from the Galaxy Buds FE, there’s no guarantee that everything is correct. We won’t know what the Galaxy Buds FE are really capable of (assuming they’re even real) until Samsung officially unveils them.

Other FE gadgets on the way? 

Alongside the Galaxy Buds FE, we also expect Samsung to show off a new Samsung Galaxy S23 FE smartphone. Samsung never launched an S22 FE which made the budget smartphone line’s future uncertain. However, leaks and rumors have suggested that we will soon see an S23 FE.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE being held up by a person's hand with color swirling on the screen

Remember the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE? (Image credit: Samsung)

Recent S23 FE render leaks have seemingly confirmed the device’s existence, and that it will come in four colors (black, white, purple, and green) and has three rear cameras – with one of them potentially set to be a 50MP main camera.

Other details are still up in the air, but with the growing number of Samsung FE leaks in the wild it seems likely a launch event for these new products is on its way soon. We’ll be keeping a close eye out and will be sure to keep you updated on the latest Samsung details as soon as we have them. 


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