Your Google Pixel Buds Pro just got a lot smarter and better connected

an image of a person using the Google Pixle Buds Pro and the new Hearing Wellness feature
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Google has updated the Pixel Buds Pro, introducing a suite of new smart features as well as new colors. The upgrades were revealed at the Made by Google launch event, which also saw the debut of the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel Watch 2

Google’s wireless earbuds have been steadily upgraded since they were launched last year. The latest updates bring in AI-centric features, something that’s slowly becoming synonymous with the Pixel brand. 

One of the new features is Conversation Detection, which uses machine learning to automatically detect when the wearer is starting a conversation with someone and pauses any music being played, while simultaneously switching the earbuds into transparency mode and turning off active noise cancellation (ANC). Once a wearer is done with their conversation, the Buds Pro will resume any audio that was being played and re-enable the ANC. 

Hearing Wellness is another new AI-centric feature that's being added to the buds. It will inform wearers of how loud they've been listening to audio over time and feedback stats to suggest when a user should lower the volume in order to preserve their hearing. 

On top of these smart upgrades, there’s now support for Bluetooth SuperWideBand connectivity, which doubles the connectivity bandwidth in order to facilitate clearer calling. There's also a new low-latency gaming mode, which means that audio from games now reaches the earbuds faster for an overall more responsive smartphone gaming experience. The only caveat is you need to use a compatible game on a Pixel phone to make use of the mode. There’s also an app for Chromebooks, which lets users change settings and update firmware via a Chromebook. 

As for the new colors, Bay Blue and Porcelain have been added into the mix. These colors, which are basically light blue and creamy white respectively, match the hues of the Pixel 8 Pro. 

Listening up 

Over the past 12 months, Google has improved the capabilities of the Pixel Buds Pro, adding features such as a full five-band equalizer for customized sound and spatial audio with head tracking to make for more immersive viewing of movies and TV shows.

Now with these new upgrades and features, it could arguably be time to consider picking up a pair of Pixel Buds Pro wireless earbuds. While the Pixel Buds Pro didn’t make it onto our best wireless earbuds list, they are a solid set of in-ear headphones. 

Plus with these new upgrades, the Pixel Buds Pro look set to be more appealing than ever – at least if you want a host of smart features like those in the Apple's best AirPods (the AirPods Pro 2) at the expense of more impressive aural pleasure. 

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