Samsonite Laptop Pillow D42 review

A laptop bag you'll want to sleep on

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Our Verdict

If your laptop needs the very best, give it the Samsonite


  • Soft and comfy

    Plenty of pockets


  • Heavy

    Very expensive

This is probably the first laptop bag that we've ever wanted to put our heads in for a quick kip.

You see, the inside padding of the Laptop Pillow is a thick foam, which is, in our humble opinion, wasted on mere technology - much like those wealthy morons who buy diamond-studded collars for their Chihuahuas.

Still, if your beloved laptop must have nothing but the very best, then the Laptop Pillow is at the end of the market you'll probably be browsing. Aside from the soft interior, it's also festooned with handy pockets for phones, Blackberries and all of your other bits of pampered techy gubbins.

There are only two problems with this baggage fairy tale. One is the fact that with all that padding it's a mite heavy compared to your average notebook sack. The other one is the astronomical price, which means you'd have to regularly throw your loaded laptop bag downstairs just to justify the enormous outlay.