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PC Guardian Computer Lock review

Keep your laptop safe and secure with this sturdy lock

PC Guardian
The design of the lock means that it can't be picked, so the only way to open it is with the key

Our Verdict

A handy way to keep your laptop secure


  • Effective and easy to use


  • Can be quite tough to unlock

Laptop security is an important issue, but few people ever implement it. The PC Guardian Computer Lock is a standard laptop lock.

You attach one end around an immovable object while the latch fits into the Kensington security slot on the laptop itself. Instead of a numeric lock, this is a key-based barrel lock. Two keys are supplied as standard.

Tough lock

The six-foot length of braided steel cabling has a rubber coating, so won't mark any furniture you attach it to and generally gives it a more tactile feel.

With a 7-pin lock design it can't be picked, so the only way to open the lock is with the key. Locking it up is a different matter, as simply pushing and turning the lock will fasten it tight.

However, to open it, you'll find you'll need to push and turn the key quite hard for it to lock, which we found initially tricky to make work.