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Built NY Neoprene sleeve review

Looks like diving gear, but isn't waterproof

The only feature is the zip at one end, which has two zip clasps

Our Verdict

Quite a plain design given the lofty price tag


  • Decent quality stitching

    Good quality stitching


  • Not fully waterproof


Looking like a cast-off from a scuba diver's wardrobe, this hourglass-shaped laptop sleeve is a washable neoprene sack that snugly fits a 17-inch MacBook Pro. It offers protection against marks and small knocks, but not against drops to the floor or heavy impact.

There's not much to this. The only feature is the zip at one end, which has two zip clasps. There are 'shark grill' grips on the side of the sleeve, but these aren't particularly grippy. It's splash proof, but not waterproof. There are no pockets inside or out.

The stitching it strong and some care has gone into the general build. There are three sizes to choose from, the others being 12- and 15-inchers, and more funky colours in the range. Sadly, we think £35 is a hefty whack for such a simple sleeve made from cheap material with next to no features.