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Alienware unveils m17 gaming laptop

Area-51 m17: behemoth

Alienware's latest gaming laptop behemoth has landed in the US, and the Area-51 m17 should be plenty powerful enough to play the latest titles.

The 17inch screen and packed-in components make the m17 very much a desktop replacement rather than something you will be lugging round with you on your Sunday foray to Coffee Republic. But for gamers who want a degree of portability it certainly packs a hefty punch.

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An Nvidia GeForce 8800M GTX in a dual GPU SLI configuration, Intel's Core 2 extreme processor and up to 4 gigs of RAM makes the little-shy-of-5kg weight slightly more understandable.

Alienware's traditional glut of ports include an HDMI out, two firewire ports, USB and card reader and up to 1.4 terabytes of HDD storage. Vista Home Premium (or Ultimate) and enhanced HD television options are all available, although the laptop can be customised before ordering.

The weighty spec inevitably brings with it a weighty price tag that starts at nearly $3,000, that's around £1,500.

We'll bring you any news on a UK release date and pricing when we get it.