These three silicone sleeves for your iPod touch are impact resistant, easy to grip, allow access to all your iPod's controls and keep your dock connector-free for charging and syncing.

There's three of them, so if you damage one you've always got a spare, and they come in black, red and opaque if you feel the need to match your iPod case with your outfit.

There's nothing covering the screen in any way, shape or form, but if there was, you'd have to remove it to use the device.

They do stop you scratching the back of your iPod, though, and provide a reasonable degree of protection if it's dropped from a height. Trouble is, the cheapest online price we could find was a smidgen over a tenner, which hardly represents value for money when you can buy similar Belkin sleeves individually for under £2 at Amazon, or unbranded silicone cases for around a quid at