Best phone 2016: the 10 best smartphones we've tested

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1. Samsung Galaxy S6

The best smartphone in the world right now

OS: Android 5 | Screen size: 5.1-inch | Resolution: 1440 x 2560 | RAM: 3GB |Storage:32GB/64GB/128GB | Battery: 2550mAh | Rear camera: 16MP | Front camera: 5MP

While last year's Galaxy S5 was nothing special, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a phone that's beautifully-made with very impressive features too.

The camera is superb, the audio and video quality brilliant and the QHD display crammed into the 5.1-inch screen is the sharpest on the market, with beautiful colour reproduction to make your photos look even better when viewed back.

The mix of metal and glass is really nice to hold, and Samsung's Touchwiz interface has been refined to feel more simple, putting the most important feature front and centre.

It's actually extended its lead at the top thanks to some amazing price drops - so you can now get the best phone on the market for an incredibly low price these days. A no-brainer.

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Also consider: The easy decision here is to have a look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with all the same power and an extra exciting curve on both sides. Other great options are the LG G4 and the iPhone 6S, but really, you should just be looking at the more beautiful version of this phone.

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