Laptop sales rocketing

Top white labellers say sales are best ever

The world's two largest white label notebook manufacturers have said demand for laptops is running at an all-time high. Little wonder - offers over the Easter period meant £299 and £349 are becoming commonplace price points for starter notebooks.

The two companies manufacture laptop chassis which are then resold under third-party brand names. Last month, Taiwanese firms Quanta Computer and Compal Electronics said they shipped 2.4 million and 1.78 million laptops respectively, according to the IDG News Service.

In UK terms, the figures aren't that surprising. Many of the smaller brand, cheap-run notebooks originate with such manufacturers. Compal said that March's sales are its second highest ever.

Analyst iSuppli said that 23.57 million laptops were sold globally in the last quarter of 2006.



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