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LArobe 14-inch notebook sleeve review

Fashionable and French

Considering how many people buy Apple notebooks because of their looks, it follows that a chic protective bag should sell well, too. This LArobe sleeve could well be the product for the job, with its sprinkle of French design, and chic black and white simplicity. Then again, what do we know about French fashion?

Stitching a reversed letter 'e' onto the outside of a bag might be a complete stroke of genius, then again it might not be.

In practical English terms, the sleeve will snugly fit a 14-inch iBook and it is fairly rigid to the touch. Inside, a fabric lip has been sewn into the lining to offer added protection for endon collisions, and the side panels have decent collapsible padding.

The sleeve will not protect your notebook against hard knocks but should cater for the majority of minor impacts. We scratched it with some keys, which failed to leave a mark, so we reckon it does its job. The question is, though, do you want to spend a little more to have that white reversed 'e' stitched in? James Ellerbeck