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Mobifindr: where are your kids?'s another app for the iPhone.'s another app for the iPhone.

Navizon has released a new way to find a mobile phone in the shape of Mobfindr: sending a simple text.

The service would be great if you lost your new Samsung or Blackberry or whatever else mobile du jour, or if you want to keep tabs on your kids / that witch who has been cheating on you with that guy who works in the pub who you thought was your friend but was only interested in talking to your girlfriend I-can't-believe-I-trusted-him.

Message in a textual bottle

All you have to do is add in a little passcode to the message and bang! The phone responds with details on the device's location…good to within 1500 metres.

Hang on, nearly a 2km radius to find your phone in? That makes very little sense…surely you'd want a more exact location? For instance, down the back of sofa, in the garage service station, or at least narrowing it down from a patch of land the size of central Cardiff.

Anyway, the feature is actually only available for the iPhone at the moment (bandwagon? Jumping on?) but Navizon expects support for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and S60 soon.