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OPLC operating system boosts global education

Here's a glimpse of what the Linux-based operating system loaded onto a OLPC machine looks like

Low-cost PC project One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) has already drawn a lot of interest from many countries in the developing world; now it has unveiled its specially designed operating system.

Called Linux LiveCD , the system takes the project one step closer to realisation. Previously, the Fedora Core GNU/Linux-based operating system was only made available through the OLPC systems, but a downloadable version is now available on RedHat 's website. Although primarily aimed at developers, the downloadable LiveCD is available to all computer users.

The OLPC project aims to make notebook computers available as cheaply and easily as possible to markets where buying standard computers is out of the question due to high costs. Its machines are priced at $100 (around £50).