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Laptops to drive sales of Blu-ray

Acer predicts that a sales boost in Blu-ray drives in laptops will take place before a similar sales boost in stand-alone Blu-ray players for the living room.

As such, the company is planning to launch BD-supporting notebooks in the second quarter of 2008, according to a Digitimes report.

Scott Lin, president of Acer Taiwan, figures that since most homes do not yet have Full HD (1080p) ready TVs, a notebook with a BD drive and Full HD panel has more advantages over a stand-alone player.

Lin went on to outline Acer’s plans to launch two BD notebooks in the second quarter of 2008, one with an 18.4-inch panel and the other with a 16-inch panel, both supporting full HD quality images.

Since the cost of Full HD panels has dropped sharply compared to two years ago, the two notebooks' maximum prices will be around NT$60,000-70,000 (US$1,900-2,240), Lin added.